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Morgan Dream
Josh 2004 Happy

Morgan was a visitor to our world. Her name was Karen as the visitor. She had at least three clones, each gathering different info. They were all autonomous; however, she could inhabit one and interact directly. When she did so, she would assimilate tha clone's unique knowledge and memories. Otherwise. there would be bulk uploads.

I figured it out when I was trying to meet up with her for some online call for company. I'd left my phone somewhere, and was trying to find her. I'd gotten off a train that felt more like Chicago, but the city was different.

Then I transferred to the Metro North RR, and as tge train left, I saw 'Karen' moving stuff with some guy. Jeans, burnt-orange t-shirt. Confused as to why she was there though.

When the train stopped a few minutes later, I got off and was going to head back, except there she was again, only in a grey skirt and a white blouse, heels, briefcase. I caught up with her and confronted her about this.

She let me follow her, but this oneknew of me, but did not really know me per se. She was stalling while she waited for a brain sync to download what the others knew about me.

This happened at her office. At the same time, two others others that were part of the movement ( near waking, so forgot tgeir names) and we were going to Kar/Morgan's cube. There were at least three of her.

Some hallways restructured while we were walking them, and almost squished Veronica. We went anitger way to retrieve her. I sent them down to the mailroom, and I went to the cubicle.

There were explanations, and info about our universe being a simulation. And I woke up.

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The world would be a better place if I could have clones.

Especially with the sharing of minds thing...

Though, feeding and sheltering them all... Pshew. Several of them would have to have boring jobs... or maybe they would all take turns making hand-crafted goods for sale...

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