Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Defriendification! Whee

I don't remember when, but many moons ago, Kellie (wynken) was added to my friend's list.
Straight edge, attractive, interesting to see her life up in Maine.
She ran phalicpregunta which was recommended by jaclyn back when she and crackmonkey were dating. jeez. What, 6 years ago?

But, I didn't really have anything to *say*. Our lives are very separate.
In the beginning, there were messages here and there, but lately, it's been maybe 2 messages a year.
I'm pretty sure that out of my mindless drivel, very little actually affects or interests her.

Being the popular person she is, she was forced to trim me from her friends' list.

Change is weird. I haven't really *lost* anything. I can still comment on her journal, etc.
But it's still a change, which *feels* like a loss.
Tags: friends, lj, sad, wynken
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