Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Drywall joint compound experience anyone?

I'm making the kitchen walls smooth and level. The biggest knife I've got is a 14" trowel and a 12" putty knife (can't find anything bigger).

The joint compound (not spackle) products tried so far:

SheetRock Wallboard Joint Compound, readymix. Seems a little dense. It sticks well enough but it takes some work to flatten out. It's heavy. It came in a box which sucks. Pail only for better seal between uses.

Dap All Purpose Joint Compound is a little drippy, but sticks where it's applied and can be overcoated in about an hour. It's a little thin, but it's easy to work. Could only find this in quart tubs.

Dap Lightweight Joint Compound with Drydex may be "30% lighter and 20% less shrinkage", but it balls up and is pretty viscous. I found that I had to work harder to spread it around and get it to stick. This came in a 2-gallon square pail. Good access to the product, but I just don't like it's workability and don't have a mixer with the HP to thin or mix it with something else.

I probably need to buy a couple of 4.5 gallon pails and I'd really rather not buy 8 1-quart test pails to find something easy to work with.

So, Please tell me your experience with joint compounds. What did you like and dislike?
Tags: construction, kitchen
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