Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

According to Facebook Compare People (ie, marketing research)...

So aparently, cuddles trump everything else for desirability.

Within 3 degrees, I'm #1 best catch, #3 for marry and sleep with, but not very hot, sexy, cool, likely to help out, etc. and only moderately attractive.

yAy for cuddles!

1st better catch
1st more cuddly

3rd rather sleep with
3rd rather marry

4th rather date
4th kinder

5th better hair
5th prettier eyes

6th more powerful
6th rather have dinner with
6th harder worker
6th more useful
6th smells nicer

7th more attractive
7th studies harder
7th more fashionable
7th more trustworthy

8th can drink more
8th better taste in music
8th crazier
9th rather travel with
9th nicer

10th more naturally talented

11th cuter
11th rather kiss

12th better dancer
12th cooler

13th more likely to do a favor for me

14th sexier

15th more creative
15th a better body

16th hotter

17th more artistic
17th funnier

18th more outgoing

You are more desirable than 68.84% of people
Another 596,365 people is at your level
Your global desirability ranking is 6,154 out of 15,104,891 people
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