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meme: The #1 noun in my blog is apparently "north".

Haiku2 for xaminmo
these laws allow states
to take a new picture to
scare people away
Created by Grahame

clack clack sound when the
boot drive of your server makes
that special clack clack

i'd like to hear what
he has to say about his
favorite mule

the same element
numbers maybe exabyte
nope tandberg data

for 188 slots total
and 10 lto3 drives the t48 to
make things worse they bought

makes corporations
estimate for years without
records and pay up

alone trying to
contact people delaware
makes corporations

i'm still not caught up
but i did log in from a
movie theatre

home server to the
new hardware dear microsoft
and installshield please

david petraeus is
slated to make things worse but
they bought exabyte

of my favorite
video games want to set up
the new box to be

name is ana and
she will ban you ban you so
hard cisco router

but there's an
unhappy thing cisco likes
to issue shutdown

still not caught up but
i did plow through a small flash
bootable system

has exceeded the
number of interruptions
for the week sort of

in little elm if
you haven't seen it i
sincerely urge you
Tags: lj, me, meme
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