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Pontification on Spirituality

friend I don't know how you go from what we have to anything else. Greed is encouraged, as is a sense of entitlement to that greed

me Yah, Sweden seems doing fairly well, though there's generational cultural differences.

friend Well, I think that's true across countries, really

me If people are trained to comprehend exactly what they have, and what it's like without, and how they can benefit things even tangentally.
me Religion helps. "trust in god" means "you'll never understand, but keep moving forward anyway"
me which is good advice

friend Well, really, faith in something is important
friend My therapist uses the word "abundance". Since she's not into religion
friend bio break, brb

me I see meta. Meta is my spirituality.
me If I put money on the ground and leave, it will be picked up.
me then spent, taxed, and spent again.
me etc. ad nauseum.

me I can't see this happen, but it will.
me It's measurable, but tracing all of the impacts are more difficult.
me The tracing costs more resources than were imparted by the initial input, and would affect the thresholds and triggers for the propagation of this information called money

me So, the same thing happens with neurons. Mind comes from not the transmission of electricity, but the complexity of the segmenting of the packets of that information.
me This happens anywhere there is communication.
me A swarm of ants has a meta intelligence which far exceeds the capabilities of a jumbo-ant

me So it seems logical that a swarm of chemicals might also have some level of consciousness
me ie, the Earth seems like a natural candidate for this, of which we are a part.
me Society, it also is a meta creature, as are corporations and Governments, and communities, and households, and a slice of brain matter spliced onto a computer chip.

me So, Pluto is alive. The Earth is alive. The universe is alive. Money, fire, water, etc. All alive in sufficient quantities, and all effectively performing uncountable computations.

me What would you call the meta of the universe? What's an acceptable term? What would it's bounds be?
me Providing labels for these sorts of things are difficult. I would use the term "God" as a semi-transation for others, but some people don't seem to like this translation once it's revealed to them.
me Because it threatens to redefine what they believe without their consent

me anyway, that's enough essay for you until you're back
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