Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Airman Medical Exam

AME in Roanoke on Saturday, June 7 at 11:45am.

Weight is doing good. Exercise is making me feel better too.


I need to lay off the caffeine.

I thought I was doing well because of no coffee very often, but then I realize that I have some 32oz or more of iced tea every couple of days. Not good for heart rhythms in general, and recommended against prior to exams, so they can make sure I'm not going to become unable to fly at any point while inside an operating aircraft.


Also, I have Jury Duty tomorrow. It's for the city. I was called once a year ago, but didn't have to serve.

I feel like I'm probably going to have to serve this time.

I know it's civil duty. It doesn't make me LIKE it though.
Tags: me, pilot
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