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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Food Cheese
My body is fighting continued weight loss. I am ravenously hungry until I hit my BMR for the day.

I need to tinker with food types and see if anything helps this, or if I need to start drinking boullion and puree'd mushrooms all day.
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Hey because of my stomach issues, I've been looking for easy things to make where I can get protein, yummy, and filling - but not fattening.

This might not be on your diet (because it's high sodium) but "Fantastic World Foods" products in the box are sold everywhere, and they are sooo goood.

Their vegetarian sloppy joe mix is soooooo goooood. I've been eating it with warm spelt flour tortillas (but can be eaten alone, or with any low carb bread). it's low in sugar, low in fat, and high in protein.

i got their vegetarian chili too, but haven't tried it yet. I bet it'll be good, and I'll add some kidney beans or something.

hummus is a great snack too, with corn based chips (like low sodium blue corn tortilla chips or something). There is this brand called SABRA that they sell at Kroger that is soooooooooooooooooo good. I make the stuff out of the box too (in same section as Fantastic Foods), and it's good because you can add lime/lemon juice, cayenne pepper, or whatever you want to flavor it with.

Can't go wrong with brown rice & black beans. hearty greens are filling too, like kale, or collard greens, but they're been doing a number on my stomach lately. I always end up putting A1 sauce or southern vinegar/pepper sauce on the greens to make them yummy.. or a little natural ketchup (wtout high fructose corn syrup).

it's hard not to sit down with a bunch of chips or some sort of carb when i'm hungry, and don't have time/energy to cook something from scratch.

Hummus makes me SOOO gassy. Kale = the win. Mushrooms also = the win.

I'm not directly watching sodium, but packaged foods do seem to have a ton of it.

I usually eat chicken, pork or fish for protein. it's higher density than most vegetarian sources and the white meat tends to be pretty low fat, at least compared to beef.

While I was out of town, I didn't break away for meals and worked long hours and drank diet sodas. That completely threw me off. I'm still recovering.


Ha, true...

I'm about to go on a canned soup / cracker / jello / rice diet, for my stomach. So, the sodium is hard to avoid with those canned soups.

It's strange, after being on a bland hospital diet, then eating at home and hardly putting salt on anything, when I finally went out to eat - everything at restaurants were SO salty! I couldn't even eat my favorite curry, but my friend couldn't taste the salt. It's like they brine all of the meats too. :p bleh.

ps - bouillon & mushroom soup? ewwwww.... that's no good... noooo goood

Bouillon & mushroom soup is GOOOOD. I love mushrooms and they're bulky without much caloric value. The bouillon we buy has no added sodium and is mighty tasty. I can completely fill up on say, 180 calories, even after dumping other stuff into the soup.

i love cream of mushroom soup mmmmm

but brothy mushroom sounds ooky

oh wait, my favorite TOM YUM (thai) soup has those asiany mushrooms in it.. ever had that? the kind without the coconut milk is super healthy.

Yah, Shitake and also the little cap mushrooms with long thin stems.

Yah, coconut milk does a number on my guts.

(Deleted comment)
Protein bars seemed to have a bad effect on me. Too energy dense.

I don't actually go to work. If I'm working, I'm in another state and staying in a hotel. I can usually get veggies and ask for no oil, or whatnot which works out well, but NC had limited options which really threw me off balance.

I was eating several sub-400 calorie meals per day but seem to be off that this week, which of course increases the hunger.

More studying on computer means less moving around which also is bad. I should go mow the lawn and edge the yard. That always makes the hunger go away.

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