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Solo flights today

Worked with James in Denton. Review of presolo info. 3 landings dual, 3 landings solo. Great reviews from the tower. Things that contributed to the moderately good landings were calm winds and my favorite controller was up there. He has a very calm, easy to understand, and very patient.

Last dual was go around because I missed flaps. Tower didn't know why and was worried I saw something in the spacing. No, all was well, I just didn't plan on leaving out the flaps. The rwy is 6kft, which would have been fine. I didn't anticipate and just wasn't prepared for it. James/CFI said go around with reason is all good, and I agree.

I'll have to practice some no-flap touch and go action tomorrow. The DA40 is pretty flat and fast in clean config.

So anyway, picked up James from the tower and asked for permission to taxi to the school in Addison by accident. Whoops. Great amusement for everyone. "Three Delta Sierra, that would be a long way to taxi." Heh.

I REALLY like the people and controllers out at Denton. Really, it's the only reason I still fly there. Scheduling is REALLY difficult and generally, I miss out on 2-3 days per week. Admissions, and one other long-timer, and the scheduling lady can put people on the schedule. Scheduling lady ONLY does scheduling on Tuesday nights (but I know about my next week on Friday nights). The admissions guy doesn't like to handle any scheduling and politely redirects to the scheduling lady. I don't really know the other guy because he has specific planes and people which don't include me.

Flew with Derek again. Corrected an endorsement in my logbook. Wording threw him off. A little disappointing, since the guys in Denton know sections and regs rather than wording. Still, no ramp checks, so all is well.

We went out to McKinney/Collin County since KADS doesn't allow T&G due to business and proximity to DFW/DAL approaches. Crosswind was not huge, but it was VERY gusty and bumpy. None of my landings were great, but all of them were good enough to make the runway without damage to aircraft. :) Still, A couple of flares too high. These seemed to be related to me bleeding off too much airspeed during short final, I realize it, and then nose down a little or add a touch of power. This rapidly increases descent rate, which causes me to want to flare "before I hit". High wing ground effect is less pronounced, so the wheels are closer before you push into it.

Anyway, dual and solo landings all acceptable enough to get the 90-day and 25nm solo endorsements.

I almost took 792MD out after lunch, but I was too tired and the winds picked up to 15 knots, gusting to 24. My endorsement limit as a student is 15, aka the demonstrated cross wind landing for Cessna 172. This was all headwind, which is fine, but it's indication of worsening conditions, and it would suck to be stuck up there if the winds shifted to 20kts cross.

Incidentally, the DA40 demonstrated crosswind is 20 and with an expert pilot can be safely landed over 25.

More Fun
I want to find out which instructors in Denton are MEI with 5h MM on the Piper Seneca. It's complex, high perf, and multi-engine.
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