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Josh-D. S. Davis

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14 CFR Part 61.23 amended - 12 months 1st class and 60 months 3rd class if under 40 on date of exami
Pilot, Aviation
14 CFR Part 61.23 is amended to show Third Class Medical privs are 60 months for Rec/private pilot under age 40, and First Class is 12 months under age 40.

See the Federal Register for July 24, 2008 at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2008/pdf/E8-16911.pdf

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I take it first class is commercial?

BTW, I'm looking at starting lessons in a few months. I think I saw that you had experience with Monarch. What'd you think?

First Class is ATP.
Second Class is Commercial
Third is Private

Monarch is acceptable. The only problem is that there are no touch and gos allowed at KADS, so you'll spend 15 mins flying to McKinney and 15 mins flying back.

On the flip side, you have to work with regional approach to get into Addison, which is good experience.

They're 95% Cessna 172, which is an easy trainer and a very common plane.

They're a tiny bit more expensive than even Denton, but you get to schedule yourself online, which is a big plus.

Also, after seeing what fuel costs, I understand the plane costs now (they include fuel).

I would recommend doing as much pre-study as possible. Definitely go through online stuff, and a knowledge test prep course.

The King course is ok. I bought the CBT one, but it uses a key, and logs into their server. Convenient, but I can't provide it to you.

There's an older one on bittorrent which is passwordless and works on a DVD player. I could pass that on to you if you brought over an external drive.

That's really fantastic info. One huge advantage to anything out of KADS is that it's literally 5 minutes from my house. I'd have to do a cost analysis. Good input on the 172s. I'd like to get checked out on those and those DA40s (those seem really sweet).

That'd be awesome if I could get any material that you're willing to backup offsite. I know we've talked about this briefly before. I'll be back in town in a week- maybe I can swing by sometime thereafter? Where exactly do you live? You can email me at the address listed in my LJ profile.

You're small enough that you could easily train in a DA20. 2-seat version of a DA40. Better glide (13:1 vs 8:1), cheaper to rent, etc... though beware of the float. :)

The C152s might be a little small, but also cheap, and much like the C172s.

C172 is the most common renter and trainer out there.

The DA40 is just downright fun. I highly recommend:
A) Garmin 530 GPS
B) Hartzell 2-blade metal prop (more quiet, better thrust, no limit on 2700RPM runs)
C) Autopilot
D) Traffic alerts (tie in to mode S xpdr - calls out traffic within 500 feet vert and 2000 feet horiz. VERY nice.

The C172s out at Monarch are mostly Bendix/Kind GPS. MUCH cheaper than garmin, brighter screen, but functionally about the same.

The tough thing is programming the gps in-flight. You have to watch outside, stay on course, stay on altitude, AND spin the knob to dial in your target. Best to do GPS programming before taxi or during run-up.

I live in Lake Dallas. Should be in the book. emailing.

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