Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Favorite links of the day

10 insane things to do on vacation which are probably not covered by insurance.

Procrastination Flow Chart

Mac Classic with upgrades - pretty cool actually.

A T-Shirt for Erica. Here is the large pic of the shirt.

The Man Code, an amusing list of rules for men to live by if they ever plan on being macho, getting laid, or both.

Instructable for Elf Ears, and this isn't the glue on kind either.

Every Girl Ever, from Best of Craig's List. It's pretty brutal, but slighly funny. 10 points to whomever can find the "Every Man Ever" counterpart.

Help is cried out...

Someone was angry at KFC...

How to make Bacon at home and OMFG! yUm!

Cell Phone Booth

Ron Mueck's Sculpture, very lifelike. Focussed on how people really look.

Nailin Paylin a porno mockery of McCain's running mate. No nude pics, but not really safe for work. Just for the amusement factor. Doesn't look as much like her as say, Tina Fey, but close enough for comic factor.
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