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Family Fun - Diwali Mela 2008

Here's where we're going right now. It's open 3pm until 11pm.

Diwali Mela 2008
Entry: Free
LOCATION: Texas Stadium, 2401 E. Airport Freeway Irving, Texas 75062

Internal Map and layout info

Diwali’s name comes from the Sanskrit word “deepawali” which means "row of lights." According to tradition, Diwali celebrates the joyous homecoming of Lord Rama, hero of the epic poem the Ramayana. After 14 years of exile, when Lord Rama and his wife Sita returned to rule their country, their people lit their path with small oil lamps called diye.

During Diwali, these lamps shine in rows along homes and temples adorning windowsills, staircases, and parapets or glow from little boats that float down the rivers. Colorful candles are lit alongside the diyes, while fireworks light up the night skies.

Main Attractions
Every year the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana is spectacularly celebrated with the burning of two giant 30ft paper Mache effigies of Ravana. The effigies, packed with fireworks, provide a grand display and evoke sentiments of victory over evil in thousands of spectators who congregate from all parts of the town or city.

Ram Leela, the epic story of the life of Lord Rama, forms the centerpiece of Diwali Mela celebrations. thinkIndia Foundation proudly presents an entertaining and spectacular production of the Ram Leela featuring a large cast of about 200 performers

Elephant rides, 4 door sedan raffle, Performers from DFW on the main stage, shopping booths, Vinod Rathood live in concert, Laser Show, and kid play areas.

VIP seating at the stage area is $50 or $100, first come, first serve.
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