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Lorentz force is roughly similar to gyroscopic precession when discussing particle spin and it's interaction with magnetic fields.

Gravity is the distortion of spacetime due to mass. The easy picture is to think of a 2-D universe. Imagine an oval sheet of lycra. Place a steel ball in the center. The dimple is gravity. It doesn't change the relationship of locations of things, but it does cause things in motion to tend to drift towards eachother due to a change in the distance between the threads of the fabric proportionate to distance from the mass.

Would this be changing of planck lengths?

The difference is that there's not a firm border holding the edges. If you go far enough in any one direction, you should eventually return back to your starting point, barring any course deviations caused by other masses gravity and/or your gravity's effect on them.

IRL, if this were a 2d universe, it'd be more like the inner surface of a rubber ball, and all weights would stretch the ball outwards. The ball would also be expanding, as if being inflated.

Is the inflation due to the dissipation of mass as energy?

Mass is related to all dimensions in which it sits. Could mass be a dimension? Is mass part of time? If so, wouldn't that mean that energy is also part of time?

As something gets near a mass, gravity causes that something to accelerate towards the other mass.

Time is related to velocity. The faster you move, the more time you pass through per unit of subjective time.

The faster you go, the more you skim above the surface of spacetime. You'll distort space less locally, but will create shockwaves that will radiate out from your location.

Just as traveling near the speed of sound creates compression waves ahead of you in the air, traveling near the speed of light would create compression waves ahead of you in spacetime.

If it were possible to break the light barrier, wouldn't there be an optical boom? Wouldn't that mean that light, the emission of photons, is basically a shearing force on the fabric of spacetime? It's already been shown that mass may simply be vibrations of spacetime.

It's also been shown that spacetime may be a holographic projection within the surface of an n-1 dimensional sphere. Would it be possible to achieve FTL travel by traversing the core of this sphere somehow? We would see this as extradimensional travel. What if we could create vibrations at the proper frequency so as to create matter elsewhere by way of interference waves? That might allow the possibility of light-speed travel.

In FTL linear travel, would there be a bow shock? Wouldn't you leave a huge ripple in spacetime behind you? Would you drag things with you? Would you separate from the fabric of space time? If so, wouldn't it be best to do this as a partial orbit near a supermassive black hole? You could skip over the dimple so long as you didn't get too close to the horizon and weren't damaged by gravitational shearing forces.

Perhaps you could transmit data rapidly by skipping photons across low orbits of many singularities.

If magnetic waves are ripples in spacetime, similar to gravity, couldn't you use this to transmit data rapidly? If you emitted high energy photons in a beam perpendicularly to high frequency, concentric, standing EM waves, would the photons skip over the ripples?

Would time dilation related to superluminal travel be akin to separating from spacetime and skipping extradimensionally over gravitational effects?

What would happen in FTL travel? Would you simply see your arrival as instantaneous, while the external passage of time passed at some measurable factor of your distance travelled divided by your velocity? Would you see your arrival before it happenned, but unable to do anything about the information? Would this advanced viewing be relative to your trans-c velocity? Would you actually separate from spacetime, allowing extradimensional travel?

What if the universe is not expanding? I mean, we wouldn't know that it stopped expanding and started collapsing until almost the very end. Our local area would still be expanding long after the distant edges started collapsing back on us.

Wouldn't a magnetic field basically be the same as gravity waves. They're caused by energy modulations rather than mass modulations.

Is it possible that mass is a dimension?

I think the universe is a spinning balloon, with all of the masses helping to stretch the skin. As the spin of the universe slows, the universe will contract. As such, there should be a point on the opposite side of the universe where the gravity distortions meet to be equal Any object at that point would be equally attracted to the large mass in either direction. The universe's spin should be slowed by frame dragging, ie, the friction caused by passing through a gravity wave rather than traveling along it. Ultimately, this means, that matter would absorb energy from the spin of the universe. Matter would be evaporated into high energy photons, and the universe would shrink. Masses evaporate due to Hawking radiation. Once a large enough amount of the mass has evaporated, the universe will shrink small enough that even though the radiation is intensely hot, there's nowhere for it to go. The remaining bits of matter would collapse into the final black holes, bleed off their energy, and the entire universe would become a singularity. But, what causes the bang after the crunch? Is it a "Dirichlet Boundary" collision (aka D-Brane, which I always think of as "dimensional membrane"). Are we squirted back into a higher dimensional membrane after collapse?

If so, then FTL should be possible by leaving our universe into extradimensional space, and rentering elsewhere, assuming you could map the folds properly and not be instantly lost. Perhaps that's the most likely possibility. FTL travel would appear to violate conservation of information. If this were possible, wouldn't it also seem likely that other objects might appear in our universe from time to time? Like virtual quark pairs. Are they simply vibrations of space, or could they actually be information just barely penetrating into our universe? If they are truly just vibrations, then perhaps extradimensional travel would literally amount to us vibrating out of existence here and hopefully vibrating into existence elsewhere.

An exchange of bosons (weak force), and an exchange of virtual gluons (strong force) could simply be interference waves ocillating between nearby "particles", where particles, mass, and energy are effectively holographic projections of standing waves.

Then what about EM and Gravity waves? Again, it's all vibrations, so large concentrations of mass, ie, very complex groups of standing waves, would create a superwave, which would stretch spacetime, and be called gravity.

Perhaps strings are D-branes, and so is gravity, and all other attributable components of our universe. Not only are they attached, unattached, partially attached, in zero or more dimensions, but they can attach to the objects contained within themselves, and outside of themselves.

It seems that mass (and energy) may simply be functions of how far apart various D-branes are from eachother. As distance grows, strings are stretched, energy grows, and therefore mass grows. As the D-branes come closer together, the mass and energy of the system will simply decrease. Photons are massless, and once everything is dissolved by black holes, it'd be all photons. Then as the D-branes come back together, the energy of the photons would decrease. As they move closer, their energy would dissipate, until there is nothing. They wouldn't cease to exist, but they would simply dissipate across the varoups constituent D-branes, no longer bound by the commonality of mass created by separation.

I don't actually know anything. I'm just playing and rambling without actually delving into the math and proofs for any of this.

Some links for fun: (Strong/Nuclear/Color Force)
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