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Bak. :)

Bangkok is very dirty, packed, crazy place... recommended Thailand quick-tour would be:
Day 1, Siam Square, street markets, alley markets
Night 1, Pat-Pong, the red-light district/night market
Day 2, Floating market, The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Reclining Buddha, Emerald Buddha and any other temples/palaces
Day 3, Chiang Mai, 1 hour north by AIR - Ruins, forest, etc.
($120 round trip BK to CM)
Day 4, Phuket (poo-ket), 1.5 hours south of BK by AIR (Beaches, resort, re-planted trees, elephants)($110 round trip BK to PKT)

Anything more is a waste, so maybe throw in a visit to Singapore, Korea (easy stop on way to BK), Japan and anything else in SE Asia. Also, Sydney is 8 hours by Thai Air and is about $500 US Round trip

Also, Korean air is WONNERFUL... good food, if you like any SE Asian food. If not, they have fallback western food. Good service, polite,

lots of photos and 8mm footage... :)
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