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I'm sorry, Tony Petruzzela of Veritas Financial in San Francisco; however, there is no way you can convince me that $650k is a modest, middle class home price. The upper limit of middle class us around $250k per year. Max prudent home is 2.5 your yearly income or loan patments equal to 28%. Quit bitching that freddie mac won't buy $725k homes anymore.

Ps veritas means truth. California, home prices, and truth do not belong together. The same speculative, mass mob mentality that inflated securities and oil are what inflated California.

Pps your closing costs on a house HAVE NO RESALE VALUE. You should not be able add your reverse mortgage interest and your operating expenses to the VALUE of a building.

Help help! I am whiney and self entitled. I will spend all of your tax money I stole from you and bitch because it's not enough to allow me to retire young on wellfare.

Good morning america. This tirade of chain of thoughts was brought to you by a big dork.
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