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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Pet peeeeeeeeeeeeeve of the day...
Josh 201604 KWP


It's disrespectful to the audience. It says the writer prefers wallowing in emotions than the company of friends. It also says that the writer doesn't trust any of their friends to provide useful input. It says the writer believes their view, while emotionally overloaded, is the only acceptable view. It says the writer is looking for sympathy and perpetuation of the dramatic.

update YES, my post complaining about EMO posts is in fact, itself, an EMO post.

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If you had disabled comments on this post, I would have laughed.

I seriously thought about it, just for fun, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I ALMOST didn't post this. It too is a bit of a drama whine, even after trimming and rewriting for an hour.

If you hadn't replied, I actually would have deleted the post out of self doubt.

I am EMO complaining about EMO!

Now I need a "Tickle Me EMO" doll.

(Deleted comment)
That's exactly what I was going to say!

I don't agree that any public/semi-public journal post necessitates feedback. I don't believe the author of a writing deciding s/he doesn't want interaction is inherently disrespectful; one could just as easily say it's emo of the reader to get his/her panties in a twist because s/he is offended at feeling entitled to -- and then not being able to -- give input.

I guess I simply fail to see what's so wrong about posting semi-/publicly a "this is how I'm doing, I want to share that, and I'll let you know when I want to talk about it" post. Ain't no crime to me.

The mere act of making it readable is a solicitation of response.

It's like a celebrity expecting that now they've sold a multi-billion dollar role, become the icons of America, that people would simply fail to notice them on the streets?

Or the NY times writing an inflammatory article and all letters to the editor are returned to sender?

Aside from that, most of the times that I see people people turn off comments, it's drama. There's not a set formula. I keep trying to write it out, but the only consistent aspect is something emotionally powerful is being relayed, in a conversational tone.

This is of course all based on my personal interpretation, selective memory, and my bias of being someone who far too often has SOMETHING to say and gets his panties in a wad when he's silenced.

Yes, my post is also in the realm of EMO in that I'm whining publicly about what I dislike, which is people whining publicly. (Circular logic there. Nice, eh?)

Now, what would have been golden is if I'd disabled comments on this post.

I second guessed the post for a while, and even after I finally hit submit, I almost deleted it. Laura was too fast for me and I couldn't delete the post out of a neurotic inability to delete data, especially words that someone else took the time to write to me.

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This post gets a massive thumbs-up from me. Typically I tend to ignore posts that disallow any comments from yours truly because they tend to be passive aggressive. It's like my mom leaving a voicemail telling me how awful she's feeling and don't dare call back because she'll be in the throes of a cathartic fit, but really she wants me to call back. She wants me to care. But I get so sick of double-talk that I absolutely adhere to what she says, and similarly with lj posts. If it's mentioned in a way that I am not able to provide feedback, then I will not bother to bring it up.

This isn't to say that the current comment-disabled posts in any way got me riled as I would voice my opinion to the offenders since I am not passive aggressive, or really try not to be. Just saying that I take very literally what people say to me, and how much involvement they want me to have in a situation since, what else do I have to go off on? Why should I assume a person wants attention or feedback when they are effectively shutting that avenue off?

Commends Disabled through handicap and artillery

I'm still working on the passive aggressive thing.

As for your mom, that's tough. Drama directed AT you though... I agree that there's not much you can do but ignore it, especially when part of the drama is an instruction to ignore it.

Re: Commends Disabled through handicap and artillery

I feel too that anything on livejournal, where I can read it, is drama directed at me. I assume that everyone reads everything I write (or at least has the ability to) I know that's not at all true, but if I post like I believe it, I post things that add to the conversation that LJ innately is rather than detract or make it ALWAYS only about me. I agree with your summation that livejournal is only a journal in name rather in practice. But knowing that people are attention seekers at heart, I realize that sometimes what they say is much to personal, and when they've gone so far as to nix feedback, I almost feel like a voyeur rather than a friend.

I love the "emo wall" macro. :D

I hate when people post with comments disabled, unless it's post that is intended solely to direct you to another post where comments should be made (I have done that before). I assume this was some sort of bitchfest post, though.

Two people, 2 posts recently, but it happens from time to time. I usually have that sort of emo prefiltered, but I'm learning some new people over the last year.

And yah, having a different link for comments is a-OK.

Journals are personal.
Even online journals.

Just because something is posted to a public forum
does not always mean that what is said is open for comment.
Or maybe, because that can be argued forever, not everything
that is written and posted is open for comment at that moment.

I write publicly.
I also delete much of what I write on a monthly basis.
This makes you crazy, I know, but I do it anyway because
it's a journal. It's personal. It's mine.

I disable comments on a semi regular basis because, for me,
I'm writing to get something off my chest.
Yes, I'm posting it publicly because I like to share.
I like my family and friends to know what is going on in my head
but I don't always want their opinions.

Sometimes I'm still trying to figure out where I stand on my own.
I'm not ready for the onslaught of opinions and comments and "help"
because I don't know what it is I'm looking for yet.


I really really really want to post this
and delete it directly - just to be an ass ;)

See, I dunno. You do it often enough that it's different.

Plus, your writings come across as self discovery and uncertainty, which is different.

Sometimes people write things and they are obviously cries for help... with comments disabled.

But still, no matter what anyone thinks, a public post *is* a call for commentary. The journal isn't yours. It's the internet's. You can't take pee out of a pool, and you can't take posts off of the internet.

If you run naked down the street, you can't avoid being noticed and talked to simply by closing your eyes.

"You can't take pee out of a pool, and you can't take posts off of the internet."

Wow. I am glad I checked back and that lj is working again, just for this.

Re: Postie Toasties

That's what the delete function is for.

(Deleted comment)
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