Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


CUCUMBER PIC! Our cucumbers are happy, but don't grow as fast as the beans (smaller fuel pod).
BEANS PIC! Our beans are REALLY happy.
SQUASH PIC! Our squash (zucchini/summer squash) looks a little unhappy, so I'm wondering if it's too much sun or too much water or what.
LETTUCE PIC! The two tubs of lettuce are tiny tiny sprouts, with some big gaps in the middle from our possibly expired seeds mixed in.
MIXED PLANTS PIC! Finally, there's some sort of gourd, squash, or melon in the front on both sides of my fence that was mixed in with the leftover and test seeds. Those guys have HUGE, jagged, delta leaves and seem very healthy. There was already a flower, so maybe we'll see some sort of fruit growing soon. Maybe it's an aubergine/eggplant.
Tags: gardening, home, plants
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