Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Kwik Kar does not perform the work listed on their service checklist

I found out recently that Kwik Kar in Hickory Creek does not actually perform the work they list on their Service Checklist. I found this out through roughly $700 in repairs.

I found this out because on 2009-09-02 they said my tire pressure was checked ar 35psi all the way around. Then on 2009-09-08, I had to have all 4 tires replaces in Vernon, TX on the way back from Santa Fe. The tires had 20psi, and wore through to the belts on the outer edges.

A week later, I noticed our Saturn, which had been services a few weeks earlier, had the same wear pattern. I aired up the tires, but they'll need replacement before I go on any long treks.

Also, the battery has been getting weaker in the Saturn. The battery is past its 3 year life, so I thought nothing of it. Except when I pulled it out, it has refill caps. I looked, and the left side was a little low, and the right side is VERY low. So I bought a battery for no real reason. However, Kwik Kar every time (we have about 75% of our receipts) said that the battery was MAINT FREE.

Also, "Wiper Blades - Checked". Hrm, well, the edge was peeling off, that's not "checked" to me. I replaced the blades late last month.

Lights checked? HAH. Left Rear break light was out on the van and I replaced that last week. Transmission Fluid checked? HAH. The Saturn is a pint low (that's 20%). Not sure about the van, but it's been shifting funny.

Belts and hoses? HAH^2. The PCV hose is coming apart. Which makes me wonder if they actually checked the PCV valve.

EVERYTHING they do and have done is in question now. "Each location is individually owned." Ok, so it's a franchise system. The corporate system apparently does not enforce spot checks of accuracy, nor checks of check personnel, because these problems have happenned with multiple techs.

It's time for major service catch-up. The dealerships have been pretty good, with Saturn of Lewisvill being better than average. It's time for 120k service on the saturn, and both need several other maint. I will have the dealerships do a pretty serious inspection of each to make sure whether there are real problems or not.

Anyway, the summary of this all is that KWIK KAR IS NOW ON MY PERSONAL BLACKLIST.
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