Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

The Move

95% is moved over.

All of my server hosted stuff is moved, but because I'm a moron, I didn't update the name servers for As such, about 10 subdomains are offline until tomorrowish.

Why do the name servers have to update? Because I've moved into the land of FIOS! WOO HOO. FIOS is fast. However, FIOS + Static-IP is ++$40/mo vs FIOS - Static-IP.

Since I'm already paying for Dreamhost, I finished moving things over there. I should get my hostees to send me $1/mo to help defray the costs... :)

My lowback is still hurting like a mawfaw. I mean, I had a couple of stiff days 2 weeks ago during some of the moves and prep and such, but all was fine until the Hampton Inn bed in Philly.

Jeff Klusmeyer, the dad of some of Max's school friends, does A/V installs. I had him come bury some wires in the walls and install some nice shelving, etc. Why did I PAY for this? Well, notice above how my back is hurting. This is an understatement. Also, he and his guys did in one day what would have taken me several days to complete. I'm going out of town Monday, and the old house is not 100% empty.

They did a fine job and saved me a lot of headache & backache. Verizon set up IP and phone today. I finished up some Zip-Strip Cable Management, tied a new phone drop into an active line, began mounting some of the drywall plugs, and showed Max both of the new attic spaces.

I cleaned up a box of stray wire from the attic, and fixed a stud that wasn't attached to the attic floor and was just hanging from the ceiling joist.

Dish comes tomorrow to rig up the DVR. I'm hoping the 2 wires coming in through the roof are actually dish, and not one of the 421652 leftover from TWC or GTE. I hope they replace the Dish-500 with a Superdish. We'll see.

Unfortunately, they needed to notch a beam. I mean, I think a thru-hole would have been better structurally, but the floor is sandwiched between the beam and the header/footer. As such, the hole would have needed to be larger and have a steel pipe in it, lest expansion/contraction of the floor cut the wires.

Perry may come back over Monday and we'll have him fix up the drywall plugs/texture, and install a power box for the router. Or maybe I will. Not sure. Depends on how the finish-up of the old house goes. I think Jenn offered to watch the kids for us so we could be more effective.

SO many things left to do. I have a list.
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