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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
Already regretting it.

PS, anyone have a green Western Electric model 2500? I broke mine.

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The technical problem was minor. The power switch on the router doesn't have a firm, positive stop, so it was 99% on, and it finally just became off. Pulling power didn't help, but flipping the switch twice did.

The real problem twofold. A) It's very difficult to get ahold of a verizon tech due to how tightly locked up their VRU is, and B) That there are no provisions whatsoever for filing a complaint.

The techs won't accept complaints. The webpage has no complaint option. CONTACT-US is a email gateway to automated search which has no entry for complaint, nor customer satisfaction.

The VRU drops calls, routes to dead numbers, forces you to listen to advertisements, doesn't maintain state between calls from the same line, forces you to choose no good option, poorly recognizes my speech patterns, doesn't pick up on frustration, and doesn't have a direct-to-operator bypass. The closest you can do is bypass the options for self-help, but you still have to give it information, which it misunderstands. There is no "Customer Service" option, and "Other" drops the call on weekends.

The first time I got a human, she routed me to DSL support VRU which had no options for me as a FiOS customer, no option to route back to where I could get to FiOS, and when I chose a support option, I was disconnected.

All in all, I was dropped and misrouted 4 or 5 times. It took me 25 minutes of recalling in order to get to a tech.

When I finally got the right human, I was put through on a line that was full of static on my receiver, but not on hers. She DID call back though.

The tech sais the ultimate problem was that my line quality was bad on the coax from the digital demarc to the router.

Her fix was to have me factory reset my router three times, she rebooted my digital demarc, and to call back if the problems resurfaced because they'll fix it for free within 30 days of install.

Once all of that was resolved, they wouldn't take a complaint, they would only help with tech stuff. She wouldn't give a number to the tech queue to bypass the VRU. There's nowhere on the web to file complaints. The "Contact Us" is an email gateway into their help search engine, and simply says "we couldn't find anything matching your request."

I had similar issues with them on a $45 billing issue in 2002 and ultimately had to write to the executive offices 10 times to get enough attention for any sort of resolution.

When Chris worked for GTE, she told me of the procedures the had in place to ensure that customer escalation did not occur. No supervisors were available to customers, etc.

So, while FiOS itself is great, especially 25.93/25.3mbps transfer rates on a 25/15 account, Verizon's customer handling sucks ass.

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Did I mention I was overdue for food, and my back was hurting, while this happened?

Sort of amplified the situation. I did yell profanities at the VRU. I broke the modular plug on my Moss Green Western Electric model 2500 desk phone "Not For Sale, Bell System Property". *sigh*

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