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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Be-Lite kits released
Josh 201604 KWP
The Be-Lite is now available as a variety of kits starting at $8,095.00.

Kit - Super Economy: $8,095.00 Complete Kit, SUPER ECONOMY package with Carbon Fiber hybrid tail. Will require engine, prop, panel, misc parts, welding, a small amount of plywood, aluminum sheet, and your own cowl if you want one.

KIT - Carbon Fiber: $17,895.00 Complete Kit, Upgraded Carbon Fiber wings and tail. Includes everything except the engine, prop, and finishing supplies.

Ready to Fly: $29,995, fully assembled, with engine.

RTF Carbon Fiber: $54,995. Fully assembled, includes BRS, upgraded panel, lighter wings.

Reference URLs

Kit Prices
BASE: $12,895.00 The COMPLETE KIT is EVERYTHING to build a plane firewall back, with the exception of glue, finishing supplies, engine, prop, mount, battery and minor miscellaneous items. The kit includes a composite Carbon Fiber firewall and sharp looking engine cowl. It also includes everything needed for a fantastic basic panel. We recommend a MZ-34 engine or a Simonini engine. If you build it as an experimental, you can do whatever you want for engine selection. Check with your DER. This will meet Part 103 ultralight legal if you use the correct lightweight engine and build to our specifications.

BASE-$1300 The ECONOMY KIT allows you to save substantial money through the deletion of four subgroups from the kit. 1. No plywood supplied for seat or panel. You can get what you need for $30 or less from your local lumber yard. 2. No instrument panel package provided is provided. You'll need to scrounge engine instruments, airspeed, and altimeter. 3. No fuel system or fuel gauge is supplied. 4. We do not supply our carbon fiber composite firewall or cowl with this particular kit. The plane flies great without a cowl; and the firewall is easily replaced with aluminum sheet. All of these missing items are easily scrounged by the airport hound. Use your own .025 or .032 aluminum for the firewall.

BASE-$4500 The SUPERECONOMY KIT is the same as the ECONOMY KIT except the fuselage is NOT PREWELDED. However, all of the fuselage tubing is cut and notched. You must be able to weld, or willing to learn. You MUST be able to build/weld the fuselage from blueprints, which we supply with the kit.

ANY-$300 The HYBRID CARBON FIBER kits are the same as the above, but come with hybrid carbon fiber tail feathers (elevator, rudder) and is less expensive than the steel tails.

BASE+$5000 UPGRADED CARBON FIBER WINGS and tail kits is the same as base, except the wing construction is much lighter, due to Carbon Fiber ribs and spars. Specifically: 1. spars are made from Carbon Fiber, and preconstructed with strut attachment fittings bonded on. 2. Main ribs are made from 1/4 and 1/2 inch Carbon Fiber sheets, waterjet cut to exact size. 3. False ribs are Carbon Fiber bonded over light plywood, and waterjet cut to exact size. When we build them and add on the goodies, we sell the finished product for $50K. You can save a lot of money by building it yourself. The light weight allows tremendous engine or panel options. Make a bush plane which will take off in 100 feet; it's whatever you want. Also includes hybrid carbon fiber tail feathers.

You can also buy parts in subgroups rather than as an entire kit if you wish to go your own direction.

Now, if you're on a time and money budget:
The Backyard Flyer UltraLight is comparable in style, and can be had, RTF, $18,500. This is part 103 legal.
Note, they also offer The Backyard Flyer 2-seater RTF starting at $25k. This is NOT part 103 legal. You can't register it as experimental unless you build 51% of it. They don't have a Light Sport certificate for it. At one point there was an exemption for 2-seat ultralights for training, but that's no longer available. I'm not really sure what you could do with this plane, so I wouldn't buy the non-ultralight model.

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I wonder if you could use the aero-V engine with it...
a bit heavy, but a 4 cycle... and you can buy it as a kit too to assemble to save cost

Not so interested in it for a part 103, experimental would be fine :)

The only Aero-V engine I could find was a 15cc twin from Hemingway, which obviously is too small.

All things considered, any engine in the 28-45HP range should work but you'd probably need to fashion your own mounts.

looks like I spelled it wrong.

Here it is! http://www.aeroconversions.com/products/aerovee/

a bit overpowered at 80hp for the airframe though...

I always thought it would be a good match for many of the baslee aerodrome planes though... http://www.airdromeairplanes.com/

That's a good price compared to a Rotax 912, though you're right, 80HP is a bit overkill for these planes. You could downrate them to stay within your power budget, but you could go smaller and save a bit of weight.

If you wanted to stick with VW conversions, but drop down to 40HP, the people who make the backyard flyer UL have a twin, fully assembled, with prop and redrive for $5k and 120lbs.


Their 100hp version complete and assembled is $10k

Plenty of duct tape oughtta do 'er.

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