Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

PLANS: Downstairs bathroom flooring

The downstairs bathroom in our new house is carpeted. This seems like a bad idea since we have 2 boys and one man in the house. (How long could the carpet last around the toilet?)

This morning, I installed a tack strip and the transition strip to clamp down the carpet. I'm letting the mastic set-up for the transition strip now.

Tonight, I'll pull out the sink and toilet, the rest of the carpet, the tack strips, scrape the floor, mop the floor, and finally, lay the tile.

In the morning, I'll shut off the water, replace the cut-offs for the sink and toilet, mop up my mess, and grout the floor.

While that's setting up, I'll replace the flush kit for the toilet and the faucet for the sink.

Sunday afternoon, I'll pull the light fixture for repainting, and I'll slop grout sealer onto the floor.

Sunday evening, I'll reinstall the toilet, sink and light.

Early next week, I should get the new towel ring for install. Then I can touch up the paint where I've scuffed it.

Luckily, the baseboards are not flush against the slab, so I don't have to remove/replace them. I did undercut the door trim, and one side broke. I'll need to fill that in with something and then paint both sides.
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