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Josh-D. S. Davis

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bathroom delays
Josh 2050 Grimmace
I was avoiding tile this morning, so I didn't get started until fairly late.

The box and a half of tile in the garage is a different type. Wow. I could have sworn. If I'd realized earlier, I could have staggered or mixed and they would have been OK. Or even the back row could have been the lighter tiles.

So anyway, I go to Lowes to pick up more Rialto Beige, and hope to get them to saw the back row pieces for me.

Lowes' tile saw was out of service, so I'm splitting the back row on my own. The Rialto tiles have a deep grid pattern on the back. As such, many of the splits curve about the midpoint of the tile.

Also, out of my third box, I've had 2 tiles that split laterally in the center of the tiles. Not sure what that's about. I've never had that happen.

Out of frustration, I take a break from tilework and go to town on the plumbing. I had misgivings about push-on connectors, so I tried to sweat one on. I have no skills, and should probably have gotten the propane bottle with a smaller flame tip.

While removing a sweat connector with map gas torch, I, uh, melt the pipe. OOPS.

So I cut off the bad part, and the pile lip is about as short as I can go at this point. I have some plumber paste, which is apparently NOT what plumbers use.

Well, I go ahead and cut the other sink shutoff off and install a push-on connector. I do the same for the toilet one only to realize it was a compression fit and I could have ganked it off, or at least saved a little more pipe. Oh well, it still has excess pipe.

So, water test.... The sweat-on one leaks. The other 2 do not.

There's not enough pipe to cut and push on a quick connector. I look, and all of the solder I have is old crap from my grandfather which has lead.

I break down and go back to lowes for a third time (second today) and pick up some lead-free solder.

So I go to work on the fitting, but the map gas flame is pretty big. Ultimately, I end up with 4 scorch marks on the wall, trying really hard to avoid making green flame (ie, burning copper), and ultimately I melt the handle, set fire to the rubber seal inside the valve, but by golly, the solder wicks up in there really well.

I clean up the excess solder with a dry towel and the smoke alarm goes off. "Daddy, what's going on?" says Max!

Anyway, I can replace the handle on the new valve, but I can't get the outlet seat removed in order to replace the gasket. I have a 7mm Allen wrench, which fits loosely, or an 8mm which does not fit. Apparently I need 5/16th, which I do not have.

Either way, I used an 18" pipe wrench and for the life of me, I can't unscrew the seat. I'm thinking it was a force fit, straight thread, which is not serviceable.

So, I'm going to test and see if the shutoff actually works. If it does, then I'll keep it in service. If it doesn't, then I'll need to cut into the wall and extend the stem sticking out of the wall. That's easier because it's all copper and heats up faster than brass. You know, if I don't set fire to the copper pipe or wall studs in the process.

I still have 3 strips of tile to cut and glue down. With the plumbing work, the existing glue isn't set up yet.


Anyway, I still have the toilet and sink rebuilds to do, but that's all moot until I've got grout on the floor and water turned back on at the street.
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(Deleted comment)
I was really close to calling a plumber, except it was late and the water was off.

Ultimately, there was very poor contact between the fitting and the pipe. As such, I was able to pull the sweat-on connector off of the pipe, clean it up, and push-on a good fitting. All is well in the plumbing dept, the floor's done, hardware all swapped out.

I'll seal the floor tomorrow, then reinstall the porcelain and the door.

I hope the towel ring shows up tomorrow.

(Deleted comment)
Yup, the muscles on the back of my upper arms are what are most worn out.

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