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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP
I'm not sure when my last dental cleaning was, but probably 5-6 years. So I went in because the backs of some of my teeth don't *feel* clean, even after brushing and/or fingernail scraping.

My teeth themselves are in great shape. There's a little stain, but good for my age and good for the span between cleanings.

However, I don't floss very often, and this has lead to scale build-up (tartar) and gum recession on my molars. Normal is 1-3mm. 7mm makes for loose teeth. 12mm means you have a hole. I have 4mm (correctable) and 5mm (minor bone loss around the root) on some. :(



I'm scheduled for "scaling/root planing 1-3". It's just like a regular cleaning, except it hurts more because they have to poke a little further. Because of this, they'll use viscous lidocaine on my gums, and I'll get the N2O treatment while they scrape. This is scheduled for 2009-12-30 (or sooner if they have a cancellation).

Also, I've been a bit of a worry wart about my molar grooves. They've always been kind of deep. They checked, and it's solid, strong tooth at this point. I'm going to have them sealed. Basically, they use the polishing tool with pumice to clean/scuff, then they put on superglue methylacrylate sealant. Sealant is good for 5-10 years depending on phase of the moon, dental hygene, etc. This is scheduled for Friday 2009-12-11.

ps Hello Internet, my wife says hello to you. She knows you're my mistress.

pps I got grey paint on my new coat, and the paint didn't cure right due to the cold weather so my mailbox has streaks on it.

ppps I need to repair my garage door hinges but everyone just wants me to buy a new door.
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If I could kick my teenage ass into changing two things, they would be daily flossing and regular cardio. I've come to the conclusion that I was not so much chronically depressed as I was lazy and out of shape. My teeth have always been perfect, but fixing the pockets is SO NOT CHEAP. Also, as we get older, our gums recede, and root doesn't feel as smooth as enamel. So your back teeth are pretty much never going to feel clean.

(Deleted comment)
It is actually no big deal at all. The worst part was getting an injection in the mouth, even with a 30gage needle, it sucked. I didn't get nitrous when I had it done!

Luckily, no injection for me. Purely topical. I dunno if I could handle injections.

Mu bums are going to hurt? NO NO! DENTAL CLEANING! Not Coloscopy! hehe.

Yes, molar grooves are in the bite surface.

With a normal cleaning, they call it prophylaxis, because there's no gum disease yet. They don't really go below the gum line much, and it's fairly quick.

Scaling and planing is the term they use to explain when they have to go past the gum line, and therefore use viscous lidocaine. It takes about twice as long for a light case (1-3mm). For extreme cases, each quadrant is its own visit.

I don't like magic mouthwash. What I've done in the past is empty out a chloroseptic spritzer and dilute VL with water until it sprays out finely. Then I can avoid getting the tongue. For this, if it hurts after (no actual surgery though), I will just use a q-tip.

Anyway, they had a cancellation, so I'm going to have my panic attack today instead of 2009-12-30. *must remember to breathe*

Bleh on coat. Yah, I got some black paint for the numbers, and it's possible the streaks on the mailbox may simply wipe off. I'll wait until warmer weather in case I'm wrong. :)

Garage springs are OK, just the hinges. I got some lag bolts and garage door lube. All seems well right now. I mean, it's an old, saggy door, but all of the hinges are secure and it doesn't make a bunch of popping sounds when it retracts.

OW ow ow ow ow. That is all.

Actually, no, that is not all. Can you please make an SGU post so we can talk about that "midseason finale"??

Your wish is my command!

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