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Josh-D. S. Davis

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For Diana, SGU spoilers...
Josh 201604 KWP

Man, Rush is gonna lay down some smack when he catches up to them. He's gonna be pissed. He's going to hack Destiny through the subspace planetary link and either gate-hop to it, or it'll come back to him, or the ship there will be fine with energy reserves except for the dead pilot, or something like that.

But he totally had it coming. Not only undermining morale for his own purposes, he was actively subverting the authority of the one person who had the ability to keep people in line and make sound decisions.

Until Rush catches up with them, Eli is going to be completely torn. He knows it was the right thing, but doesn't know the full extent of what happened. He's stuck with this secret that's huge, major, and would be a morale issue sufficient to break everything apart... And we all know Eli can't keep his mouth shut. Besides that, he's going to be the technical lead now. He doesn't have the best judgment nor discretion, but he's the most creatively intelligent member of the crew.
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I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. <3

I already forget (see how bad my memory is?) - what is the secret only Eli knows, that Rush framed Young?

Did anybody buy it that Rush just "didn't make it"? There were some suspicious WTF looks being exchanged when Young came back alone. Especially since, despite his having been exonerated, doubts about Young had already been cast in everyone's mind by that point - it wasn't a far leap for them to conceive of him as a killer anymore.

I find the relationship between those two totally riveting. Sometimes they support one another, but most of the time they clash magnificently. I am, however, underwhelmed with the way they write Young. I think they try to make him all complex, but broody with a temper problem =/= complex. They need to work on it a little harder.

And Lou Diamond? Not a fan.


*Edited for a little clarification. And to add that I have a little crush on Eli.

Edited at 2009-12-11 02:55 pm (UTC)

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &lt;3

Secrets: Rush framed Young, AND Young knew it, and Young lied about the rockslide so he could leave rush on the planet.

The moral of the story will be, if you want to get rid of someone, go ahead and kill them. Simply abandoning them on a lifeless rock will not be sufficient to remove them from your life.

Rush is self serving, indignant, feels unappreciated and misunderstood, and always leaves his perception "questionable" rather than overtly negative. He will vehemently protect anyone who is useful to him, and is brilliant at it. He's just not used to someone remaining level headed consistently (Col. Young), so he makes mistakes that most others would overlook because they're emotional.

Young is the voice of reason, but with emotional strain. He doesn't WANT to be there. He doesn't WANT to be in charge. He's really tired of it all, but he just can't stand by and let the other people fall apart. He has a heart and is protective, even though it was ready to give up weeks before the gate incident.

Also, ultimately, ALL of the problems root back to Rush because it was his gate work that detonated the naquadria planet, and his choice to open the gate to destiny that got them all there. It IS a great discovery of technology, but not one worthy of finding without a way home. Except for him, because he's looking for technology to help him ascend so he can see his wife again. He doesn't want to just die, because he feels he's "too important" for the universe to loose, and with ascension, there's always the option of getting yourself kicked out. He could never ascend because if you were in that mindset, you wouldn't be able to ascend.

And yah, LDP isn't my fav, but he plays Telford well. I hate Telford. EEK.

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &lt;3

On the flip side, waking up to having sex with someone else's wife, then slipping back, with associated memory smearing between people... that changes things a bunch emotionally.

Still, there's a smarm factor.

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &lt;3

See? I love the way you break this stuff down, which is why I was hoping you'd make a post about it.

I have to admit that I wasn't instantly taken in by this show. It didn't have the same feel as the old SG series and that was initially a turn-off. I missed the old SGs and that's why I was tuning in to this one. When it didn't deliver, when it felt like it was trying too hard to feel and look like BSG, I was really concerned I wouldn't be able to invest in it. But it started to hook me. And this episode was definitely the one that got me sucked in completely. I was yelling at my TV and realized.... Wow, I care!

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &amp;lt;3

Yah, it wins out over the new V anyway.

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &lt;3

Eli's smart, confident in his area of smarts, and otherwise completely depressed at being the perpetual Best Friend, and the guy with no filter on his mouth.

You have a crush on Eli because he's me, and secretly, everyone has a crush on me after I made that djini lamp wish.

Re: I love how you link to a cut about a geeky show with an even geekier quote. &lt;3

Heheheh. All that plus he's soooo cuuuuute.

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