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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Accidental Awesomeness
Josh 201604 KWP
2 months ago I had a PILE of crud to scan and I decided I really needed something with an automatic document feeder.

So, I went to Wal-Mart for something unrelated, and found they had a slew of such all-in-one units. AIO units usually are cheap, on the premise that you'll buy ink carts forever.

I reviewed boxes for 20 minutes, and decided on the Canon MX320. Copy, Scan, Fax, USB stick plug, USB attach to PC, auto feeder, and photo printing capabilities.

The scanning is decent, and for an ADF, I'm ecstatic. It's saved me days of time. However, until today, I had not even considered using it for a printer because we have the Brother HL4070CDW color laser with duplex. It too is a value printer with great functionality.

Today, we needed some photo prints and I remembered, not only does this print photos, it came with a sample pack of photo paper. I printed, and these are the best quality quick-print photos I've ever printed. The dedicated photo printer from epson sucked compared to this, and this is about 4x the resolution of walgreens.

We happen to have a huge pile of leftover photo paper from the Epson, from which the ink carts dry up within a week or so of non-use. Well, the canon had the ink carts installed, and was moved by the movers in a truck, and still prints like a champ.

I am very very pleased.

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To further maximize print quality use the photo paper provided by the printer manufacturer. The paper is optimized for that particular type of ink.

Also, if you're going to be storing an inkjet for a while you can take out the cartridges and put them in a zip-lock bag to help preserve them.

The AIOs these days finally don't suck. In fact, they're generally pretty cool when the software isn't atrocious. Also- wireless printers? Crazy awesome.

Except for Epson. You remove their ink carts and they're done-for. They rely on an airtight seal for an ink syringe type thing.

We had so much Epson paper, we're going to use that up before we get Canon glossies. The paper itself looks very similar, same sheen, same ripple pattern, same color backing, etc. Dunno about the chemicals for the emulsions. We'll see though. If it bleeds through yellow in a couple of years, we'll know the pH stabilizers weren't the same.

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