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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Laptop mamories
Josh 201604 KWP
So, Lenovo BIOS reserves big chunks of memory between 3g and 4g, so while my 4 year old Dell PE400SC running XP 32-bit SP3 and 4G of ram can see 3.62GB of RAM, my 2 year old Lenovo T61p running XP 32-bit SP3 can only see 3GB of RAM. Even with the current BIOS update, no joy.

So I fought over it.

There are some fixes people are working on in order to bypass some of the hard-coded memory management chip locks, then boot windows through Grub, but that's not a good idea for primary work tool.

No way I would use Vista, but maybe 2003 server? I think we have a couple of licenses for that at work. Well, I have a couple of games I play and I dunno how well a server to workstation conversion would handle them.

Maybe Debian Lenny, though that would be a big adjustment and I'd spend a lot of time inside of VMWare due to some customers needing Citrix. My VMWare license is for Windows, so I'd need to do funny business on the work computer, or buy another license.

OR... well, I could break down and go to Windows 7. Truly, I don't WANT to make the jump, but it seems like the best option. It's supported. It's legal. It should work.

We'll see how it turns out.

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I've been using Vista for gaming simply because most of the games are still unsupported on 7. But I have no idea beyond "Hey, it's a gaming shell that works!" about reliability or what not. Windows 7 seemed lighter when I installed it, but then I had the downward spiral of lack-of-proper-support-in-Windows that made me go back to Vista.

Windows 7 generally will take Vista drivers. I assume this means XP-64, server 2003, and server s008 drivers should work also.

(XP x64 is really server 2003 made into a workstation, and not actually based off of XP).

Windows 7 seems snappier in registry related tasks. I don't like Aero and trimmed as much as possible. Window edges seem "thinner".

I'm still not sure what I think about it. My biggest issue is 64-bit mode. I need it because Lenovo reserves the top gig of RAM in their laptops, forcing a hard limit of 3GB RAM for XP. I could put server 2003 on here and bypass that, but I play games sometimes. I wanted to bypass Vista, so I went Windows 7 64.

I bought a TechNet subscription, so I may try other stuff, but I'm sort of exhausted in the conversion so far...

The XP Compatibility mode is really just Virtual PC 2007 with a licensed copy of XP inside. I still need to try out VMWare 7 on here since VMWare is MUCh better compatibility, performance, etc. (VPC is 100mbit, 16-bit color, limited adjustments, no VM creation tool, and can't run VPC and VMW at same time, but I have multiple VMs I need to run).

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