Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis


Erica is more sick today than yesterday.
I feel more run-down, and feel some soreness in the TROUT.

Windows 7 sees my 4G of ram, but consumes a ridiculous amount for itself.
I'm still trying to get the rest of my peripheral drivers downloaded.

Windows 7 also seems to really like to waste huge amounts of screen real estate. Even after trimming down the visual styles, there are these 10 pixel blank borders in listboxes, and overall just very bulk kerning.

Also, the taskbar is sort of a merge of the quicklaunch, and there's forced spacing around the "pinned" items which is way too bulky. Also, some apps assume you'll use the huge buttons, and don't scale their force-pinned icons.

It's possible to have icons pinned which cannot be removed because their context menus are custom.

The start menu forces you to scroll. Period. There's no way to have it use, say, 75% of your vertical to show a longer list.

Any install that happens quickly gets a popup "This didn't seem to install correctly. What do you want to do?" I haven't figured out how to disable this.

Running any program that's not in the start menu gets 3-5 popups, blanks the screen, and says OMFG IT'S A PROGRAM! I was able to disable much of that, but it still is annoying.

If you turn off search in the start menu, the block is still there.

Lots more hidden lags and pauses with no explanations.

Overall, I am NOT impressed. But I'm not the target. I want something streamlined, efficient, and which can manage bulk data and run current software.

The target is to wow people with graphical prowess for a small amount of data, except for a bulk pile of music, movies and pictures, all managed from the MS chosen place.
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