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To whom it may concern:
I would like to recommend more wax in the foil-paper inner-wrap so as to provide a better seal against incursion of insects (and anything else like water or dirt).
Tonight, we purchased a 3oz Endangered Species "Grey Wolf" Choclate bar from Walgreens at Morris and FM407 in Highland Village, TX. I verified the wrapper does not list insects as an ingredient and was not past its fresh date.

There was a small larva (12mm x 1mm) alive that had burrowed through one of the squares from the flat side, along with a multitude of small pellets of waste. I have attached pictures; however, I could not get the one of the larva to focus. Whatever it was, it liked the chocolate and the almonds.

I called the store to advise them so they could check the surrounding candies for problems. I'm not sure what type of critter this was, so I can't gauge how long it took to get to the larval stage. As such, I can't guess whether it came from the factory with an embedded egg in the chocolate, if it could have survived the molten chocolate, or if it was simply infested during transport/storage.

Thanks for your time.

Josh-Daniel S. Davis

And, um, yes, some of the chocolate bar was consumed BEFORE noticing, but it was from the a full 5 inches away.

Still, pretty gross.
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