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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Weight rambles
Josh 201604 KWP
So I've been letting my weight creep up, which is disappointing. I'm not ready to try to track calories again, because that's a huge effort, but I am going to try to track weight for a little while and see if that helps me keep tabs on things.

Erica and I started walking last week. It's not been consistent, but there's been SOME walking. Since we started walking, it's been 8 days. We've gone walking together 3 times for 38-50 minutes each, and I snuck in a 25 min walk once while she was taking the kids to school.

I have some of the data for the last 2 weeks, but not all, because I just started recording today. In the last week, I'm up 0.6 pound. Remember that water is 8 pounds per gallon, so maybe I needed to poop? Realistically though, I've been ravenous (like a raven?) and gluttonous, so it's probably real weight gain.

One good thing is that, within these numbers, my muscle mass went up by 0.5%. That means, regardless of whether the weight gain is real or not, my muscle mass has gone up by roughly 1.3 pounds. I always weight in the morning, after a shower, so the fun electrodes can get a consistent measure. Regardless of whether they're off from reality, they're accurate within their own relative little universe.

I've been fighting with the difference between hunger and thirst also. And when I mess up and am short on protein, it's bad for everyone. I'm also HUNGRY, so I need to keep eating. More Eating + Less Calories IS possible. It means more fresh veggies, fish, chicken, and maybe soups. All of that may help with the More Water thing too. It's more expensive, and it's tough, because I love meat and carbs and fat. I definitely need to keep the protein up, lest I eat my family.

* More walking (1h/day should be good for a while)
* Less calories (limit beef, pork, sausage, fried foods, brownies, candy)
* More eating (increase vegetables, fish, chicken)
* More water (before eating? Every hour?)

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If you haven't done so already, I recommend cutting out as much sugar as possible from your diet. Fructose (either in HFCS or table sugar) sucks in a lot of ways:
1. It shreds your liver in precisely the same way as alcohol.
2. Unlike most sugars, fructose does not trigger insulin production, so it won't make you feel full.
3. Your body metabolizes sugars far faster than you can use the resulting energy. Any calories you don't burn in the first hour or so turn directly into fat.
4. Once all the calories from sugar have been processed, your body will be starved for usable energy. You'll feel lethargic and hungry.
5 & 6. Good old-fashioned empty calories and tooth decay. Remember when those were the worst things anyone had to say about sugar?

My mental model of what nutrients are better than others is something like this:
fructose < alcohol < other sugars = saturated fat < other carbohydrates (except fiber) < everything else

Yah, fructose doesn't treat me well. I still eat candy, some of which is HFCS.

Home made stuff is sucrose. Since sucrose is a diglyceride of fructose and glucose, it basically breaks down into simple syrup in the stomach. The difference between simple syrup and HFCS is about 5% higher fructose (55/45 vs 50/50), and it comes from beets or cane rather than corn. (ie, no real difference).

I can feel the sugar crash when it happens too. Makes me sleepy and CRANKY!

But, fructose itself isn't necessarily evil. It's REFINED sugars that are a problem. eg, eating a fresh apple is good for you. Drinking 4oz of apple-juice is not. With the sugar locked up in the fiber of the apple, digestion is slower, so you don't spike and crash as abruptly.

See, I technically KNOW things, and can re-figure things out, but I just don't remember it when I see tasty num nums.

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I can have it with me or in front of me and I forget because when my body wants water, it tells me to eat.


And yah, the walking is 20-30 mins out, and then when the alarm goes off, come back. At an hour a day, that's good stuff, and would be OK for missing a day... but not for missing 3 days in a row. *sigh*

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Re: Pointless but full of love response-

I forgive you for eating the cupcakes. *weeps* *longs for cupcakes*

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