Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Weight rambles

So I've been letting my weight creep up, which is disappointing. I'm not ready to try to track calories again, because that's a huge effort, but I am going to try to track weight for a little while and see if that helps me keep tabs on things.

Erica and I started walking last week. It's not been consistent, but there's been SOME walking. Since we started walking, it's been 8 days. We've gone walking together 3 times for 38-50 minutes each, and I snuck in a 25 min walk once while she was taking the kids to school.

I have some of the data for the last 2 weeks, but not all, because I just started recording today. In the last week, I'm up 0.6 pound. Remember that water is 8 pounds per gallon, so maybe I needed to poop? Realistically though, I've been ravenous (like a raven?) and gluttonous, so it's probably real weight gain.

One good thing is that, within these numbers, my muscle mass went up by 0.5%. That means, regardless of whether the weight gain is real or not, my muscle mass has gone up by roughly 1.3 pounds. I always weight in the morning, after a shower, so the fun electrodes can get a consistent measure. Regardless of whether they're off from reality, they're accurate within their own relative little universe.

I've been fighting with the difference between hunger and thirst also. And when I mess up and am short on protein, it's bad for everyone. I'm also HUNGRY, so I need to keep eating. More Eating + Less Calories IS possible. It means more fresh veggies, fish, chicken, and maybe soups. All of that may help with the More Water thing too. It's more expensive, and it's tough, because I love meat and carbs and fat. I definitely need to keep the protein up, lest I eat my family.

* More walking (1h/day should be good for a while)
* Less calories (limit beef, pork, sausage, fried foods, brownies, candy)
* More eating (increase vegetables, fish, chicken)
* More water (before eating? Every hour?)
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