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Cancer benefit and trust fund FBO Kat's 5yr old daughter.

A friend's cancer has come out of remission. She has tumors in her pituitary, the lymph node in her thyroid, and in each breast. She's trying to find some bands to play for a benefit that's to help set up a trust fund for her 5 year old daughter. She's a long-time DFW native (was on BBSes back in the day).

Her name is Kathryn Foster, and:
A) If you can play, please contact her, and contact info is in the event link above.
B) If you have $$ to donate, the lawyer for Rockstar Sport Bar is managing the trust.
C) If you want to attend and donate in person to ACS or to the trust Kat's daughter, Chloe, then the benefit starts 7pm Sat, May 1.

Full Text of her facebook post if you don't have a FB acct
Start Time: Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time: Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 2:00am
Location: Rockstar Sports Bar. Ft worth Texas

CANCER BENEFIT! To help me, whose sick again, to help create a trust fund for my 5 year old, and to donate cash to American Cancer Society. I do need TWO MORE BANDS! If you can play! please email me at .

Setlist is this.
KungFoo Preacher
The Dickins (from Austin)
The Night (From Austin)

Flier will be up soon! please read my plea

I'm in need for 2 more bands for a show at Rockstar Sports bar in Ft. Worth.

I'm sick again and have currently tumors growning in my pituitary gland, my lymphnode in my thyroid bed where cancer was before, and a mass in each breast. so my BEAUTIFUL friends have gotten together to help me help my family. The theory is by the medical world is that the radiation I just had 4 weeks ago is showing signs of tumors shrinking. However, that being said, I have to go back to see the status, they believe I'm exhibiting symptoms of Lymphoma Leukemia..

I also have this AMAZING beautiful 5 year old child who happens to have Autism. The wonderful people at ROckstar bar have offered on their own doing to do a benefit show for me. as I do need assistance with medical bills, the majority of the money I would like to donate is to setup a trust fund for my daughter, Chloe. and the remaining to donate to American Cancer Society.

See, 2 years ago, I was told I was in remission, now I've got tumors attacking all my glands and causing insane side effects. I'm trying to maintain a normal life, while holding a full time job and taking care of my daughter. With that being said. I'm looking for 2 more bands to play this show if you could. Here is the set list as it stands.
KungFoo Preacher (thank you thank you thank YOU! I love you guys!)
Wumb ( Always the supportive beautiful group of men i am so grateful for)
The Dickins (Mike V. from Austin's punkrock band of goodness and a dear old friend of mine.
and The Night (Austin, they played the last cancer show and got great reviews and new fans, very nice group of fellows. and i'm grateful for them making the drive to do this.

If you can play this show. please email my blackberry at the following address.. or if you have blackberry messenger, my blackberry pin is 30F6B4CC
PLEASE PLEASE this is a great line up. Just need two more bands. please pass this on to anyone you might now.

it's 21 and up. Load in time is 7:30, first band goes on at 9pm and we will end the night at 2. The trust fund is being handled by the bar's lawyer so everything is legitimate. and the bar will also be handling the money donated to American CAncer Society.

Please I work so much 12 hours today. please just let me know if you can play.

thanks so much for reading this far. thank you, I'm eternally grateful.

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