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Josh-D. S. Davis

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TSA worker mocked after passing through full body x-ray
Josh 201604 KWP

The jist is that during training, the guy was scanned, and several of his coworkers noticed his penis showing up as fairly small.

So for a couple of weeks, they constantly made fun of him for it.

So one day, in the parking lot, he beat the crap out of one of the guys that made fun of him.

Every aspect of this is bad. The invasiveness of the technology, the screening of the mental states of the screeners, etc. It's unacceptable for the other screeners to take the power so lightly, and it's unacceptable for him to not be able to hold himself together.

I think everyone involved should be dismissed, and the higher ups who set the procedures should be reprimanded and given a deadline for resolution of their hiring practices.

I also think this should be a strong indicator that the technology needs to be modified to be less intrusive.

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Not to infer I agree with the technology at all or the actions of the man scanned, but...

OMG all of those guys should be fired and the man scanned should be able to sue all of them for sexual harassment. If higher ups knew what was going on, they should be held liable as well. No one should have to go through that kind of thing at the place he/she has to work.

I agree whole heartedly. I think the description would be "Government sponsored and sanctioned, institutionalized sexual harassment."

I think the guy maybe is unfit for TSA screener duty, but I think that his reaction was understandable considering the emotional trauma he was subjected to without recourse.

When properly used, this technology would allow properly trained security personnel to, essentially, see a clothed person as if he were nude. If you agree with that assumption, then giving consent to be scanned is, essentially, given consent to a nude search.

If security needs to be able to see under a passenger's clothing, why do we need expensive and inaccurate technology to do so? Why not just make people get butt naked?

Because they don't want to be. And they don't need to be.

OK, so I think the policy in practice sucks and the technology need not exist as even a semi-compulsory security tool. What the hell does that have to do with the article in question?

These guys were obviously not properly trained. Remove the technology from the story: Some guys saw a dude's junk at work and gave him shit about it, so he beat that shit right out of them.

Call it assault if you want. Say he should have been able to hold himself together. Doesn't matter to me. If we're not really good friends, and you stick your jovial nose in my private business, I think I have the right (no, really) to kick your ass.

Agreed, it's probably against a few laws for this guy to "attack" his coworkers. This is why I wouldn't make a good juror: There's a good chance that I'd hang up a verdict because, yeah, I have a tiny dick, and *I* get to decide who makes fun of it. Take that decision away from me, and I'm likely to try to hurt its usurper.

Re: OK, I'm better now.

I completely agree. I mean, not being able to hold his shit together tells me that a PAX could rattle him, and maybe he's not screener material...

But I think any judgement against him should be pretty mild considering the emotional attack.

As Stef said, it was sexual harassment. And it's not just that, it's job and government sanctioned sexual harassment.

I think those making fun of him should be dismissed. You don't get to scan people naked unless you can take it seriously and keep what you see private. Further, they should be sued for sexual harassment.

Re: OK, I'm better now.

Agreed on the sexual harassment bit. But I think the guy, unless he reported this harassment and management did nothing, should get nailed fully for assault.

Re: OK, I'm better now.

I'm not sure I agree with that because of how hard it is for some people to do this, especially if it is someone higher up in his company and he can't find another job. Guys have a much harder time with the whole sexual harassment thing in the work place.

There are multiple things going on in my company right now that I do not feel comfortable with at all, but I have only seen two jobs I could apply for come up in the past 3 months and I just applied for them last week. I did turn in an incident report about one employee, but I never got a response back, and I'm afraid if I push that subject and how the higher ups treat the "lower" employees, I'm going to be asked to leave...

The whole thing is messed up
- the situation is messed up
- the technology and the uses intended is messed up
- the issues that caused people to even make the technology is messed up



I've never replied with just the word "this" before, but if ther were ever a comment to do it on, it'd be this one. Well stated. :)

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