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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 1975 Complain
I've encountered many people who call a GBIC by the name of SFP. SFP means "Small Form-factor Pluggable". It's an adjective, not a noun. You cannot have "an SFP. You CAN have an SFP transceiver. An SFP transceiver has a standard, card-edge, copper interface.

The SFP transceiver may be also a GBIC, a "GigaBit Interface Converter" which converts from a standard copper interface into a fibre interface. Usually this is an LC (Lucent/Local/Little Connector) but for 10GBFC, it is more commonly an SC (Standard/Subscriber/Square/Siemon Connector). The SFP transceiver may instead use a copper cable for short distance communication (patching between switches).

Other valid terminology:
* GBIC means "GigaBit Interface Converter, and can be used as a noun, all by itself.
* SFP GBIC is also valid, since SFP modifies GBIC.
* SFP to SFP cable is valid, because the adjective is describing the cable end.
* SFP plug, or SFP end, though that doesn't actually define a component; it describes half a component.

If you wanted to fully describe a fibre connection module, you would call it something like an SFP to LC GBIC. This says it's an interface converter, and one side is SFP, and the other side is LC Fibre. (There are other fibre plugs than LC.) This device is the #1 assumed device if you refer to it simply as a GBIC.

That is all.

This is a recording.