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Josh-D. S. Davis

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1979-05-25 AA Flight 191 DC10 lost
Pilot, Aviation
Wow. So, yah, 31 years ago... but still ominous.

The #1 engine pylon was damaged during maintenance.

During take-off, the engine nacelle tore loose from the aircraft, starting from the rear, and it flipped up, over and landed behind the plane on the runway.

This caused hydraulic failure on the left side, which caused asymmetrical flap/spoiler deployment. Also, stall sensors, etc were inop due to the damage.

At around 300ft up, the plane stalled, rolled onto the light wing, and nosed into the ground less than a mile from the end of the runway.

All 13 crew and 253 passengers died, as well as 2 people on the ground.

The remnants of the plane were destroyed in the ensuing fire.

AA was blamed for improper maint, and McDonnell Douglass Corp for design faults (physical loss of one engine in a transport class plane should not have caused additional control & instrumentation faults).

Out of 446 planes built, 30 have suffered "hull loss" and 25 other incidents, totaling 1261 fatalities.