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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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My dream...
Josh 201604 KWP
Cosby was out. He'd left and wouldn't be back for almost a week. My time table; however, was much tighter. I had a flight to catch, weather was coming in, and he had regular visitors that didn't need to see me there.

I found his system. It was pretty large for an under-desk tower. I pulled it back and a slew of USB keys were attached in the back. In the array were several devices I couldn't readily identify, but I found the memory module in the second to last slot. I pulled it, verified its contents on my system, and put everything back the way it was supposed to be.

And there he was. Baldwin. He just looked at me. He knew what I was doing. He was disappointed, but he knew it had to be done. He wouldn't tell anyone unless he, himself, were implicated and compromised.

I don't remember now if we were hacking, powering off, or destroying the target. I do remember that getting caught was a serious possibility with grave consequences.

We'd done this earlier, but with a team of 5 people. We would have succeeded, if only...

Anyway, the Cosby credentials were still good. It had only been a few hours, a day at the most to get to the target site. Plus, our first attempt hadn't been noticed the first time. The biggest problem was getting to the target server before the compromised security server was detected. This was complicated by the service conduit in the middle. It was nothing more than a narrow, rocky passage with a small, rectangular door installed on each end. It was a straight shot, bypassing several checkpoints, but it was SMALL.

Here was the plan:
* Enter the facility
* Acquire a broom to keep the service machinery from jamming on *me*.
* Pass through several busy corridors.
* Get to the first server room without being overtly noticed.
* Log into the security server and disable the proximity alert for the target.
* Pass through the service conduit without being noticed or squished.
* Walk to the third row, and in the middle was our target server.
* Don't get seen being there, because it's a multiple-escort type system.
* Get out without being noticed leaving *that* area.

Erica assured me it would be just like in testing, only it would work this time.
"Remember, in testing, Bill could just barely fit through the service conduit. I'm bigger."
Bill agreed, while Erica disagreed.

As I was passing through the service desk, I saw Rigler sitting on a bench to the right. Three of the 4 others there were wearing almost exactly the same glasses -- thick, brown, plastic rims with an even thicker clear overcoat. Bemused, I mentioned the similarity, and all three of them, programmed in unison, pulled them off, looked at them upside down, and put them back on. Hrm... Suspicious.

I continued past, into the computer room. I didn't even disable security. I didn't want to tip our hand, because I wasn't going to fit. When I arrived at the service conduit, I showed Erica how small it was. She reluctantly agreed that it was a bust.

I put the broom behind my back, stood up straight, and walked out like I belonged there.
Through the service entrance, across the great hall, through the dining hall packed with elite and upper crust members of society, and into the hallway.

And that's when it happened. The end of the world as we know it.

I went to the front lobby. I needed to take the escalators up to check on my partner.
The escalators were failed, and there was complete pandemonium.

I called the airlines, and an automated attendant assured me that they were doing everything possible to ensure schedules.
"... unless the crazies do something stupid," I thought.

There was a deep, persistent rumble, punctuated with sound, like feedback at a rock concert.
With every pulse, a blue flash could be seen emanating from various service entrances.
I thought, "that sounds like a high voltage accelerator" and looked for another route upstairs.
The last thing I wanted is to be roasted by X-Radiation. There seemed to be several of these blocking my path, and the audible pitch was increasing.

Seriously, how could I get upstairs. I didn't even *belong* here.

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Your dreams are so geeky ;)

It's not the dreams' fault... It's just the brain they're fabricated from...

Poor things. There's no hope for them to be normal. :)

The interesting thing is, this is only what I remembered AFTER getting up, showering, getting dressed, and coming down stairs... There was a whole other sequence before all of this, including the "first attempt" and also something else which I have no idea what it was.

Cool dream

Might I suggest that the logical ending is that you will be caught by the father of the very place which you seem to infiltrate and after some sort of insightful dialog you realize that you have fulfilled his vision all along.

John Rigler

But I don't have artificial limbs nor a light sabre! :)

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