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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Some interpretations of some religions prevent their parisoners from using proper taxonomy due to the perceived implication that it somehow speaks against various religious tomes' authority over the possibility of creation by a supreme being, or that humans are anything less than the sole purpose for the existence of the Earth.

This is not a Christian specific limitation. Other religions have this limitation, and many Christians (big or little C) also do not find limitation in using proper taxonomy.

Therefore, claiming on one webpage that a homeschool augmentation program is Christian based does not serve as prior warning of the intent to promulgate such non-scientific views in a science-based summer camp.

As such, I find it inappropriate that an authority figure at said science camp would tell my son that humans aren't mammals, rather they're mammal like.

It makes me want to tell my son that said authority figure is not sentient, only sentient-like in their behaviors.

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Of all places, you'd think SCIENCE CAMP would be the one place you wouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense.

"Mammal-like." Come on!

What the FUCK.

I would be beyond livid.

Yah, pretty much. A lot of the other info is good, so we're hoping to just let the week finish out, and then make corrections after the fact.

I assume, mostly because there's a large push by some religions in the last 2 decades, that anything related to religion in the US will have these sorts of problems.

Having said that, there are many religions where they follow the entirety of scientific "cannon", believing that their ${DEITY} is separate from (or created) our experiences here on big-E Earth.

It's also possible that the organizers of the camp *are* the respectful, scientific kind and simply couldn't screen all the people they have running the camp for these sorts of beliefs.

Are you going to complain?

Well, it's the owner and operator of the company that runs the camp...

While I echo most of the sentiments above, I'm also slightly more pessimistic. I mean, have you seen what the TX school board is trying to do with text books? At this point, I just assume that most educational systems have been co-opted by someone with an agenda. (Note: I said systems, not individuals. I know several educators - almost all of them are awesome people.)

Aye. Erica pointed out that we do, after all, live in TX so it's nonsensical to think we could avoid completely the blatant adulteration of fact by religious idealists.

Re: Adjective Explosion

It's not an unreasonable expectation to think you could avoid it when sending your kids specifically to science camp. I'm still just flabbergasted.

I'm always a little dumbfounded when people say humans are not animals (much less, mammals), and I've heard this from religious and non-religious people alike. I suppose it's unnerving to think of ourselves as fundamentally the same types of organisms as those we eat. Also, people really don't like to think about how we all die and how, one day, our planet will be destroyed, ending all life as we know it today.

Anyway, I'd have your boy ask the guy how scientists define what a mammal is, references at hand. It'd be a great exercise!

People generally shy away from thinking about anything that might be displeasant.

Death? Nope. Too morbid.

Humans as Animals? Nope. The KJV refers animals and humans distinctly. Considering anything else means a reassessment of concepts that might lead to disbelief that every single word in the bible is the unabridged, irrevocable, untainted word of our lord and master. Any such thoughts are the work of the devil (or of infidels, or heathens, or or or)

Yah, the camp is too limited in time and scope to send Max on such a quest. He's also not really prepared for that sort of argument. It would be unfair. I plan on discussing the issue with him tomorrow after camp and we'll see how he absorbs the info.

"It makes me want to tell my son that said authority figure is not sentient, only sentient-like in their behaviors."

This makes me giggle immensely. :)

Re: an uphill battle

It's almost as good as "Mostly Harmless".

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