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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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My dream, in narrative form...
Josh 201604 KWP
This was my wake-up dream. I didn't write it out for about an hour, so some fine details (party) were faded, and some new thoughts continued (everything after meeting the system lord). It seemed best to write it as a narrative and explain the view of the observer to the dream.

Hello. I am an android. I do not have a name at this time.

I am also your narrator. The view will always be a little behind and to the right of what you're used to. You'll even see me in my memories. This is an artifact of my programming. I'm not a production model.

The designer was trying to improve upon my designs. He created a semisynthetic creature. It was an advancement of the technology used to create me, with organic components.

This isn't the way you'd think. There's not an organic heart, and electronic this or that. The organic tissue was interwoven with the synthetic.

This creature became self aware much more quickly than I did. This is a testament to the designer's abilities.

The semisynthetic creature began to be self-preserving and resistant to commands. The designer had to deactivate it. I was assigned to investigate why this happened.

The designer was having a going away party. Several friends in two rooms of the old bar attached to our studio.

I was near the front of the studio, and in the back were two or three tables with friends, plus the bar area had several tables.

I don't remember the conversations, but it was very calm. No one had expected the designer to be going away, and they were perplexed. Unfortunately, the designer didn't really make time for friendships. These folks were here out of curiosity, politeness, and for free snacks and drinks.

Everyone was planning the next gaming party. They didn't notice the display on my equipment. In the last hour, the core temperature of the creature had risen 15 degrees.

Apparently I was compelled to install my head onto the creature's body. I don't recall the reasoning. I just recall asking myself "what would make you think that this is in any way a good idea?"

As I continued my scans of the creature for cause analysis, my attention to the task at hand began to drift. One of the displays showed activity coming up past 20% and that's when the body began to move.

By this time, the party had died down. No one was there to see the creature, with my head, leaving.

The creature went to the space port, and made its way onto a cruiser which was on its way for maintenance. This is all handled automatically, so there were no crew to stop the creature.

The cruiser looked like two concave parquet squares on the sides, and had no visible propulsion. However, for its size, it was very nimble.

The creature didn't get far before the problem was detected. "Maintenance 24713, respond."

The space dock has a graviton beam to help with docking inactive ships. It's orange. You might know it as a "tractor beam". They are very effective, even before locking the target into place.

Well, the creature seems to know a lot about these, because as the beam would sweep onto our edge, he was able to maintain controlled spaceflight and duck behind larger spacecraft.

Of course, the larger craft also had graviton beams. Though not quite as powerful, they would still be enough to halt the progress of most cruiser class ships.

It was at this time that the creature ducked behing a system lord's ship as it was going rainbow. Then ends streaked with bright colors while the entire 5km length compressed into darkness. Once it was no more than twice the size of the cruiser, it exploded into a thin streak of scintillating light.

The creature caught the energy wave and prompty followed suit, taking very little time to jump in behind.

The creature began moving to the right side of the rear of the system lord, trying to hide in the propulsion wake shadows. Then, he just stopped.

The system lord saw us, and towed us in.

The system lord didn't know who or what he was dealing with. To him, this was just another pirate. He didn't have time to coordinate detailed information, even if it had been available. All his ship received was the stop order from stardock to the cruiser and that was enough for him.

"So, what did you first when you noticed I spotted you?"


"That's right, and that's the power of being a system lord."

The arrogance of this man seemed unfounded. As we stood there, the creature had rested its hand on a system terminal. His access to general alliance systems had not yet been revoked here, because that order had probably not even been issued back at spacedock. No identity known, and even if they did, who would have granted access to an lab creation anyway?

The creature didn't "plug in" or do anything even perceptible. He unleashed a very small swarm of nanites. In fact, the swarm was so small, and so thin, that the first swarm wasn't even big enough to take over the ship.

The first swarm ensured the disablement of any future security lockouts for the creature. It would take around 30 minutes for the swarm to "unfold", or as you might say, "uncompress and install" the program and hardware changes required.

As the conversation continued, another terminal was infected, and this group were sent to install a remote terminal access point for the creature.

Finally, the creature was escorted to its quarters, which had only a food terminal, and otherwise looked like standard living quarters.

After being left alone, the food terminal began to activate, only no food appeared. In fact, the terminal just kept fabricating but nothing perceptible came out.

What I didn't see was that every unattended food terminal was doing this. A very thin layer of nanites were being fabricated constantly, and they would march out before enough of them had built up to be noticed.

The new super wave was bypassing all access controls and replacing the control systems for every function of the ship. They were like constructors, programmers, and also almost an extension of the creatures consciousness.

No one even noticed. It was like a secondary system, layered inside, where you couldn't see from the access hatches.

But it was more than that. They were taking over people too. Those who would help whomever ran the ship were augmented, modified, and "reprogrammed" to be like the creature. They would be loyal, and effectively a permanent part of the ship.

Those who would be resistant were "disabled". They were not killed, nor lobotomized, nor put asleep. It was more that thinking was suppressed, and they willfully stayed in their quarters. For them, it was always right before bedtime. Sometimes they would sleep, and sometimes they would get up, but they were effectively inert.

It took a total of 2 weeks for the ship to be completely a part of the creature. I don't mean to say they physically merged in a perceptible sense. They did not. It wasn't some sort of flying blob.

But they were connected, and it was in control.

I know now that before the creature was disabled, it had replicated its critical head functions into somatic storage. I believe it had designed nanites to compell my attachment. I believe this was to more easily blend in, but also because some of the more advanced functions had not been installed yet. Everything else, the creature was able to overlay into my head unit.

I don't know if I am that creature, or simply myself, augmented. I do know that I am still a secondary consciousness to it. I am an observer to its actions. It infiltrated my head unit with its technology and I do not think I will ever be free. I am not sure why I still exist, but I will continue to document what I see. Perhaps some day I will have a chance to explain what has happened.

I believe now that the creature was the designer. He was designing replacement bodies for himself. This combination gave him what he had before, and everything he needed to move forward with his plans.

I don't know those plans. I can't hear him thinking. I wonder if he can hear me thinking.

I wonder what happened to his old body. Was he born into it, or had he taken it over, or even created it too?

More than that, I wonder what happens next.

Copyright 2010, Josh-Daniel Strawn Davis. All rights reserved.
Reproduction on xaminmo.livejournal.com and facebook.com/xaminmo by author does not grant any additional rights to those web outlets other than to redisplay this information verbatim. Commercial use prohibited.

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Dream more please :)

Now, if I could only commission this to be a movie...

(Deleted comment)
Yaya. I need to find a studio to buy the idea... :)

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