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Torchwood & Doctor Who episode info
Josh 201604 KWP

Captain Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman:
1.9/Empty Child
1.10/Doctor Dances
1.11/Boom Town
1.12/Bad Wolf
1.13/Parting of the Ways
3.12/Sound of Drums
3.13/Last of the Time Lords
4.12/Stolen Earth
4.13/Journey's End
4.18/End of Time: Part Two

Jack is also "The Face of Boe", played by a mechanical construct
1.2/End of the World
2.1/New Earth

Since it's behind cut now, I can say it's funny how Rose meets him as the face (5bn yrs old) before she resurrects him with the vortex, thereby causing him to be immortal and able to become the face.

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I would have probably put that behind a spoiler warning...

HARKness, the heralds angel sing...

Maybe. I can see your point.

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