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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Why my wife is awesome
Josh 201604 KWP
Ignore the fact that she's tall and attractive, this statement of hers sums up her complete awesomeness...

(2010-07-21 17:16:06) Erica: I find that I like the going-line-by-line-in-code part, whether HTML or CSS, much better than the Illustrator fooooo that makes me want to melt into the floor.
(2010-07-21 17:16:15) Erica: More control over the code. :)
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Also, she makes good cupcakes.

hey I need some help/advice, and you are the only person I thought of that might know where I can look to find info.

My Dad has had an electronic "rolodex" for about 15 years that he has ALL of his information on (not written down, but only on this rolodex) like all of his friends birthdays, addresses, phone numbers, account #'s, passwords, etc. His whole core info for life was in it.

It was advanced back in like 1995 or whenever it was manufactured, so it could connect to a computer and download/transfer information, amazing!

Only thing is, the batteries died this time - and when he replaced them, he turned it back on and it now says "no memory".

In your opinion, has the memory really been wiped- or is there a way he can crack into its brain and get the old info off somehow?

It is a: Texas Instruments - PS 9690Si - 256K (yes 256K)

He thinks it's 20 years old, I don't think it could be THAT old if it could transfer files.

He said the MIGHT have backups on a CD somewhere of his files, so next time I'm there I might search by file type to see. Is there a way to find out what file type a backup would have been? I don't even know how to find this Googling.

Figured since you are mister circuit bending sautering hardware/software guy - you might find this interesting! My poor Dad is distraught over it.

ohhh.. I just read the manual here

and it says if the power is totally gone, the memory is erased

Says when it's low, it gives a warning - and you have to replace a specific order to the batteries one at a time, or it erases the memory! Ugh... poor Dad...

Yah, if it's not dead dead, the order doesn't matter so much as just leaving one of the batteries in at all times.

Buttons and the indiglo screen are the biggest power consumers on that unit. The clock and the memory would be pretty low power usage and should have lasted for years in "off" mode with two fresh CR2032 cells.

TI Personal Organizer 9096/6155

I put in "Texas Instruments - PS 9690Si" and and the TI page for the product still has docs and install software. Last update was in 1997, which means it was probably discontinued in 1998.

The base product is the 6155 and there are support forums for it.

Batteries and replacement and data loss
The unit does not have NVRAM. It uses two CR2032 lithium coin cells to operate AND to retain memory contents.

If both batteries completely discharge, all information is lost. The unit gives warnings, and powers off the clock, etc before batteries get low enough to lose info.

The manual says to never replace BOTH batteries at the same time, otherwise you'll lose all information. (eg, it has 2 batteries for safety/redundancy, and you must always leave one installed.) The unit, if not fully discharged, will tell you which battery to replace first (ie, the weakest battery).

The manual also says not to push any keys while changing the batteries, because this will put a heavy electrical load on the remaining, weak battery and could cause voltage to drop and the DB to be lost or corrupted.

The manual also states to never replace batteries from 1 min before midnight to 1 min after midnight. This is when it performs DB maintenance for alarms and such, and changing batteries during that time could and/or corrupt the database or cause alarms to be missed.

Recovering from backups
Since the information is lost, it will have to be reloaded from backup.

It looks like the datafiles are stored as .PSD files, though it also dumps to .TXT files with a comma-save format inside (for import/export with Excel and other PDA software).

It also accepts import from Lotus Organizer, which are .ORG, .OR2, .OR3, up through current .OR7.

The re-load software is a small windows application and relies on a serial port. I don't know if it would work on current windows. It doesn't say, but I think it was for Windows 3.1.1 and windows 98, so maybe it would work in XP.

Re: TI Personal Organizer 9096/6155

Oh man, we'll see how many PSD, TXT and Lotus files show up on his backup disks. Hope it's there somewhere!

Thanks for your help. I couldn't find anything about the file formats.

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