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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Vacance Canadien: Vancouver, BC
Josh 201604 KWP
We just got back from Vancouver. We had a pretty good time. We took the Sky Train, Sea Bus, diesel buses and electric buses, plus so much walking.

We spent a good deal of time with our Portland Friends, MattAndJenny, and their 1yrold Milo. Coffee (tea for me due to unfortunate coffee allergy), alcohol (government runs liquor stores in BC), late night gab sessions, etc.

One of the first places we visited was a community garden down Burard and I think Davie. Really nice to see.

There are also some really nice city parks with unique, non-square jungle-gyms for kids to play on.

We got to see some construction, some repair, protests of the Harmonized Sales Tax (aka, a 4% sales tax hike, which was then applied to everything, sort of like a VAT of 12%), and some neat outdoor artwork and sculpture.

We visited Granville Island (it's a peninsula into a river outlet and not actually an island) with it's water park, walking trails, vendors, and farmers' market. For some foods, like blackberries, the market was simply unpacking Driscoll's brand into generic containers. I understand not all stuff can be grown locally, but fair disclosure should have mandated displaying the original logos. The apples were imported too, but most of the other produce was local, including some purple bell peppers and a Giant Carrot.

We visited Capilano (Kia'Palano) park which includes vendors, vendors, vendors, an info scavenger hunt including a ring of tree houses with rope bridges between them, and the big winner, a 450' rope bridge 230' in the air. The "ropes" are 2" steel cables, with various smaller cables for netting, stability, etc. The decking ismade from 2x6 PT lumber with all sorts of bracing. There's no real gaps and the hand-rails are about 4.5' up. The whole thing sways a bit, but it's not bad of people keep moving rather than leaning over to take photos. Aside from the bridge, their "trading post" had some of the best dark chocolate I've ever had. VERY smooth, no dairy or wheat, and it had a neat pattern imprinted on top.

Speaking of chocolate, at some point, chocolate icing was required (we rented an awesome apartment for the week) and these army men had to slog through it. Yes, my creation. NOM.

Over the weekend, Max was swinging his water bottle and it slipped out of his hand and into the edge of the street. He immediately jumped to get it and our friend Jenny who was escorting him had to stop traffic to keep him from being hit by a car coming around the corner at the same time. SKEERY!

We also went to Stanley Park, and when the ladies went back to retire at the apts and put Milo down for his nap, Matt and I took the boys to the beach.

Then, on Monday, on the way to Granville Island for trek two, and after taking Matt and Jenny to the train station for their departure, the fam and I were all crossing the street properly and legally. At that time, A white Toyota fullsized pickup decided to haul-ass/accelerate through his left-hand turn without looking and the guy gave me a funny look when I hollered "WHOA!!!!" several times and flailed to get him to keep from running over me and then my family just behind me. I think he stopped with about 5 feet to spare. Darned autopilot drivers.

The trip back was fairly uneventful for us. We brought some apples to customs, and after verifying lunch had to be declared, we had a 2.5 minute detour through secondary screening for the agriculture dept. US Customs was in YVR and much faster than the trek through on the Canadian side of things. When we landed, no delays and Jenn was there waiting for us.

We were starfing, so on the way home we picked up Chipotle. The staff working the Lewisville Main St. location were really helpful and nice. The house was safe and sound and the kids are long since tucked into bed.

I have more photos than what's linked above, but I have to cull and post them. They'll be on Flickr but any with the kids will be friends/family permissions only.

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I love vacation stories!

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