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I had more wierd dreams last night, but the only one I remember is:

I'm in a public place with someone; I'm pretty sure it's Erica. I look up and see a shooting star, moving from left to right, then I hear a loud but distant kerchunk. I follow the star in the twilight sky, past the moon, and to the other side of a pillar I'm in front of.

It starts curving down just a bit, and I see a parachute open in it. It's very far, maybe 2 miles or more, so it's a big chute. It's no longer glowing like a star, rather, it looks like a speck or tube. Just before it touches the horizon, I see a vertical spray of tiny particles, then a huge explosion... There's no flash, and no mushroom, but a whitish grey bubble expanding.

I pull erica down to hide, and in my mind I know it's nuclear, and the wind will be there soon, and the concrete ledge will help protect somewhat... Luckily not at ground zero.

I don't know what it really was, but two elements are familiar. Last night I saw a report on design of a nuclear briefcase. I was surprised because the guy explaind pretty much the basics of building it. Anyone with minor nuclear physics skill could build it; The technology has been around for ages.

It's a shielded, padded briefcase, normal leather on the outside. A lantern battery in one corner, and a 3 inch steel pipe in the center, diagonally. In the pipe would be a neutron generator, a safety interlock, and uranium 238. Assumedly, ther would also be a timer or remote detonator, but they didn't mention that.

I dunno exactly what element would be used for neutron injection. As for the u238, you can get geologic grade ore and melt it down in your garage (assuming you don't care about your life and are on a suicide mission, wear goggles and gloves, and wash before eating.) Everything else is basic equipment. The timer could easily be made from radio shack parts... or an alarm clock even.

The people on tv said (to scare people from doing this) that they were already installing radiation detectors and adding more sensitive equipment later... Whatever.

Then, the other part, was a random daydream. I was driving home, and it's near enough to alliance and dfw airports that there's always planes overhead. I though, what if I had the cannon from an A-10, or some such high-speed 50-caliber, full-auto, rotating barrel type gun. Fire 1/2 second burst or even 2 second burst in a sweeping arch in the sky, at a plane. This was ignoring the fact that people were inside... it's a daydream.

Then I though of the missed shots falling all over in a 2 or 3 mile radius.

Then I thought of custom ammo, with an angle switch that when they went past level, a small parachute would deploy and they would float (fall less quickly anyway) to the ground.

Then I thought of people finding them, checking prints, finding me, whatever.

It's time to pee, shower and go to work. I guess I should get dressed somewhere in there too.
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