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Josh-D. S. Davis

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The Adventures of Maple, by Max Davis
Josh 201604 KWP
The Adventures of Maple (unabridged)
by Max Davis

"It's going to be a loooong week," I sighed. I had no idea I was about to have the adventure of my life.

"Yes, it will be, but don't worry Maple. You'll probably make some friends," assured my mom, and the tree I grew on, Mother Maple.

"Yah," I agreed. "Wooah! That's a raging wind!" I exclaimed as the wind grew even stronger. "Better check that I have all my stuff! Let's see... I have my books, my reading glasses..." I muttered as I listed off my personal items.

"Alright! I have everything. Bye mom!" I exclaimed as I was drifting away.

"Bye, honey! I love you!" called out my mom. Then the wind gusted me away.

"Woo hoo!" I yelled excitedly into the oblivion. "This is so much fun! Woooo!" I sceamed happily.

Then, I met my current best friend, Oak.

"Hey! Who are you?" yelled Oak over the wind.

"I'm Maple. What's your name?" I asked Oak.

"My name is Oak." Oak responded.

And so we chatted and chatted and chatted all the way until we came to the Hurrah Bluff.

"Oh no! It looks like we're about to crash!" oak yelled.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed in fright.

Suddenly, wind started swirling around us and we were lifted in the air, tossed above the bluff, and landed safely.

"Wow. Jusr wow," I wispered in awe.

"Tat was awesome! How did you do that?" Oak asked, amazed.

"I-I don't know." I stuttered, still in awe.

"Who - Whooo is there?" a raspy voice asked.

"Umm... Maple.... and Oak.... from San Francisco, California.... Who are you?" I asked, with pauses between words.

"I am....... Hoo!" the owl revealed as he showed himself. He was a large-sized horned owl who looked to be at least 70 years old.

"Cool. Cool. Do you know where we are?" asked Oak.

"You are in Texas right now," responded Hoo.

"Texas!?!?" I gasped in surprise.

"Yes," Hoo responded calmly. "How long were you riding on the wind?" quizzically asked Hoo.

"That was....... 2 weeks! Wow! It didn't seem like that long! It must be because I was talking with Oak!" I exclaimed.

"We have a large... Well, not large, but a good-sized village valled Leaf Town, and it has quite a few leaves like you," declared Hoo.

"Awesome! Can we come in?" asked Oak.

"Yes," answered Hoo.

"Yeah!" I exclaimed excitedly. And with that, we rushed in.

Little did we know, we were being watched. Specifically, watched by a gang of shadowy leaves.

"Heh. More leaf villagers, more people to mess with," snickered their leader, Birch.

"I'll pulverize them! Smash them! Crush them! I'll..... I got nothin," remarked the muscles of their gang, Mahogany.

"Birch! The wind that picked the newcomer leaves up was spinning at 400 miles per hour! I've never seen anything like it before!" exclaimed Rowan, the brains of the group.

"What?!?! That's impossible!...... Unless.....," reacted Birch.

"Unless what?" asked the henchmen of the group, Frank, Fred, Finn, Floyd and Carl.

"Stay out of this!" Barked Birch.

"y-y-y-yessir!" stuttered all five henchmen fearfully.

"As I was saying... unless he -- the maple leaf, you know -- is the chosen one." shuddered Birch.

Meanwhile, my friends and I were in the village, meeting the town fortuneteller, Palm, or 'Madame Palm' to be exact.

"Hello. I am Madame Palm. What are your names?" Palm asked.

"I'm Maple, and ..."

Palm cut me off. "OH MY!! Two years ago, I had a vision, and it told me that on this very date, I would meet a maple leaf, who was the chosen one, would come to me. He would have powers of controlling all sorts of weather conditions, and I would be able to tell him his destiny through my specialty, palm reading!

"Y-y-you mean th-th-THE ch-ch-ch-chosen one from all of those ancient myths and legends?" I asked, at first stuttering.

"Yes. Yes, I mean that Chosen One. Now, let me find your destiny," answered Palm.

"Sure," I responded casually, but it was weird having someone sweating, staring at your palm with their eyes darting across it.

"A - group - of - shadowy - leaves - has - stolen - the - ancient - treasure - of - Goldenrod - Temple - and - it's - your - job - to - get - it - back." Palm stuttered. "You DO know that it's a hard business, palm reading, right?" Palm asked.

"Yah," I responded. A long silense followed.

"Alright, there's adventuring to be done. Let's get a move on!" commanded Oak.

"All Right! Let's Go! Bye Palm!" I responded.

Right after we got out of Palm's tent, we were stopped. "WAAIIIT! I want to come!" shouted one of the villagers.

"Who are you?" I asked, confused.

"I'm Pine. The town Martial Artist," Pine responded.

"What's a Martial, and why do you paint them?" Oak asked.

"No, no no. For one, there isn't anything called a Martial. For two, I do not paint things. And for three, martial artists are people who use martial arts. Like karate, kung fu, you know." Pine responded, sounding annoyed.

"Ohhhh." Oak answered.

"Sure, you can come." I responded from his first question. And so Pine joined our party.

Now, back to that gang of shadowy leaves, with a new name, The Shadow Gang(tm).

"Alright, he is The Chosen One. This is NOT good." muttered Birch.

"Hey, at least we found out that he is The Chosen One! It wouldn't be good if we were trying to pick pocket them, but they spotted us, and as we were running away, he made a tornado and blew us all away!" rambled Mahogany.

"Alright Mahogany, SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! Though, what you were saying could still happen," snapped Birch.

"Uhhhhh.... Right," responded Mahogany.

"Now, let's get moving!" ordered Birch.

For a week, my friends and I voyaged with the Shadow Gang trailing close behind, quiet as mice. Eventually, my friends and I came to a bluff.

"We can sleep up in that tree. Does that work for you?" I asked.

"Sure." Pine and Oak answered, almost simultaneously. We had a healthy dinner of sunlight and water. After that, we went to bed.

Now, the Shadow Gang had no idea we were sleeping up in a tree, so they were very confused. They are dinner and went to sleep on the other side of the SAME TREE!

After that, we kept sighting eachother, and scurrying around to the other side of the tree at the exact same time. Eventually, we both went to sleep, though my friends and I woke up early to start our trek again.

The Shadow Gang woke up at noon, much later than we did. My friends and I floated down on a cloud while the Shadow Gang jumped down from the bluff. Luckily for them, they landed in a soft bush. Unluckily for them, there were leaf cutter ants in the bush.

A few days later, my friends and I stopped in an orchard. Suddenly, an apple dropped down from a tree, quick as lightning.

Immediately he introduced himself as "Toughie" Bobberson. As his nickname suggests, he had HUGE muscles.

I gave an immediate liking to him, but Oak and Pine just couldn't trust him.

Suddenly, the Shadow Gang gave a surprise attack.

"YAH!" shouted Birch. He threw nets over my friends. "Now that we're finally out of those full-leaf casts from the leafcutter ants, we can capture you!" remarked Birch.

"GRRRRRRRRR!!!" I growled, angrily. As you can expect, that made me as angry as a raging bull.

Suddenly, it became 150 degrees, and very sunny. The nets burned up from the heat!

"Whew! You are safe!" I exclaimed, relieved. Then, the temperature died down.

"Hwaaaahhh! Face the wrath of my karate kicks! YAH!" Pine screamed, as he kicked Birch in the face.

"RRRRRR!!!!!!" Growled Birch

"Goodbye!" squeaked Pine.

"I know! I'll make a trap!" thought Oak. Oak then set to work.

"Hmmmmm.... Oooooh! I just remembered that I have a special sound!" I excitedly remembered. "Rrr....Rustle-Rustle!"

"Woah! An eagle! A BALD eagle to be exact!" exclaimed Oak.

"I guess my sound calls an animal," I pondered.

"Could you chase them awa, Eagle? Or whatever your name is?" I asked.

The eagle nodded it's head yes.

"Good eagle, good eagle. No, bad eagle. Bad eagle. Very bad eagle. Very bad eagle, very ba-mmmphhh!" Carl was cut off by Birch.

"QUIET!" snapped Birch.

"MMMphhmph" responded Carl in a muffled voice.

"Ahhhhhh!" all of the members of the Shadow Gang screamed as they were running away from the eagle.

"Don't worry. I'll finish them up." remarked Toughie, just as the Shadow Gang went behind some bushes.

He went behind the bushes with them.

"Wow. Sounds like a lot of screaming and punching," Oak whispered.

"I'm back," called Toughie.

"Oh no! A split in the road! Which way should we go?" I asked.

"This way." answered Toughie, pointing to a foggy path with danger signs all over the entrance.

"I'm not going in that one," squeaked Pine.

"Me neither," agreed Oak.

"Well, what if we run into trouble and I faint or something?" I disagreed. "I'm going with Toughie."

"Well, we're going this way," retorted Pine and Oak.

"Fine." I remarked, and we went our separate ways.

For three days we walked, when suddenly we came to a dead end. It had one big phone booth like thing. Written on it in big letters was, "The Shadow Gang's Treasure Trove"

"Yes! I've - Ahem, We've found it!" I yelled happily.

Toughie and I went in. Suddenly, the door locked

"Hey, guess what? We're trapped! At least you're trapped!" laughed Toughie.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked angrily.

"I'm a bounty hunter, that's what," snickered Toughie.

Right before he pressed a button on his watch labelled 'Teleport', I grabbed him.


"Heh. That'll take care of ... OW! How did you...??? Ohhhhh, I see... I'm going to get you!" Toughie shouted angrily.

Just then, I made it stormy and made lightning strike Toughie.


"YOW!!!!" Screamed Toughie, and he ran away forever.

After that, I made a cloud to float back to Oak and thought, "Always trust your true friends."

After so much adventuring, I was ready to go home and decompose to be born anew.
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(Deleted comment)
He spent SO much time on it. His final copy was very heavily edited and dropped a bunch of stuff due to time constraints. Draft was 23 pages, and final was 12 pages.

This edition is only very lightly edited from his first draft because I liked his semantics. A little repetitious in the use of "exclaimed" but really pretty good overall.

(Deleted comment)
Different. I don't remember what the old one was.

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