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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Dell PE SC440 woes
Josh 201604 KWP
So, I've been posting about drive failures, etc.
I finally have everything put back together.

All data was salvaged and I'm running the final reshape and resync now.

But, I noticed, both drives that failed were in the top bays.

Hrm, kinda close together, but more importantly, NO AIR FLOW!

The lower bay has an 80mm fan blowing across the top of both drives. They're also flat, side by side.
Then, there's the CPU which has a monster fan and horn that also blow warm air out into the case.
There's vent holes in the back, but it's passive exhaust.
Up top, in the back, is the PSU fan, but the top bays have no air circulation at all.

To correlate this, we have 2 of these servers at work, and have had drive failures, ONLY in the top bays.


So, I had an 80mm, 40CFM fan in my drawer that I deployed. It's held in by twist-ties, but it's in just the right spot and is pretty secure. It makes a little more noise, but the temps are 30C and 34C.

The room is 22C, and in open air, these got up to 51C. None of them complained about exceeding any sort of max temp, but I'm pretty sure it's bit-rot from being warm.

I need to see about installing similar fans for the 2 boxes at work. We have warranty drives coming in, but it's a pain in the rump to deal with failed drives.

For my home units, all I need is to finish the resync, and then figure out why the new rootvg won't come up during boot from disk. I can mount it up from alternate boot.
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(Deleted comment)
Unfortunately, it's standard system design. :/

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