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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP
Gaining profit from the imprisonment of a person is slavery and not justice.


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I'm not certain how I feel about this.

On one hand, government agencies are inefficient and wasteful. On the other, government is generally better motivated to ensure fair[er] treatment of peoples en masse. (I'm not certain how vested I am in the latter, though).

We need economical ways to incarcerate individuals in a humane manner. If private organizations can do this, I think I support it. As a thought experiment, would you support a private organization that profited by instituting an improved incarceration system that 1) decreased operational costs and 2) maintained or increased the quality (food, treatment, health care, etc.) of those incarcerated?

I'm not certain that profiting from this makes it evil (i.e., slavery). I understand slavery to be the wrongful control of another's life, either for a definite or indefinite period of time. But the condition here is wrongful. The justice system stripped these individuals of their liberty via due process, so what does it matter who carries out the punishment, provided punishment is equal?

In no way would I ever accept profit from incarceration. It's a conflict of interest.

Laws are being made to incarcerate people so that profit can be made. The direction and creation of those laws are being directed by those who stand to profit from having more inmates.

There is no way that situation is OK, and I don't see a way to protect against it so long as profit is involved.

I personally feel there are too many ways to incarcerate people as it is.

As an example, you skirt the bounds with TSA all the time. Within the stated judgement restrictions, they would already be within their rights to arrest you for interfering with the duties of a federal officer. I'm sure that if and when that happens, you'll raise a stink about it.

Another examples are a guy I know who was put in jail and lost his car, etc because a friend had borrowed his car and left the butt of a joint in the ashtray. His car, his offense.

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