Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

TSA expands

"It's not difficult to envision the day where anyone wishing to take mass transportation in this country will have to first submit to a government checkpoint, show ID, and answer questions about any excess cash, prescription medication, or any other items in his possession the government deems suspicious. If and when that happens, freedom of movement will essentially be dead. But it won't happen overnight. It'll happen incrementally. And each increment will, when taken in isolation, appear to some to be perfectly reasonable."

So, after this is ramped up, I think we should expect highway checkpoints as well.

DHS, and by proxy, TSA, is formally the State Police, and they are progressively moving towards BNW or WWII era checkpoints everywhere you go.

You badge into your office building? The check-in would get fed to the local branch of the government. Badge into the mall. Badge into your house. Got to know where you're going and being safe about it.

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