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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Josh 201604 KWP
The average American spends 20% of their day watching TV. [1]

Dancing with the Stars is #1 unless you combine all of the different football games together in which football wins by a huge margin. NCIS and Walking Dead are next.

Then, get this, TWO AND A HALF MEN!?!?! WTF

I stumbled onto this stuff because I saw references to why Caprica was canned. They'd been failing to maintain 0.5 on the age 18-49 ratings. Before the break, they were hovering in the 1.1m viewer range and bouncing between 0.4 and 0.5; however, after the break they fell to 840k and 0.3.

Compare to Teen Mom at 5.55m (A18-49 3.2 and W18-34 7.3). It looks like 1m viewers or 0.4 on the all age 18-49 is the prereq for series' to continue on SyFy.[2]

Be on the lookout because SGU is falling. They were a steady 0.5 on age 18-49 but their viewership is down from 1.22m to 1.09m.

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Caprica is sucking but i'm still into it because of the BSG story.
The writing and acting is pretty inconsistent

Honestly my new fave is Walking Dead!

The pilot of that made me think of Lost + Zombies. I was disappointed with the congruency of set design (burnt out cars and hulks, but no marks on the pavement, etc.)

(Deleted comment)
I forgot about True Blood!!!!!!

Yes yes yes True Blood and Walking Dead are my favorites right now. I have seen a few Boardwalk Empire. I like it too but there's just too many shows to watch. I'm also a huge fan of Survivor.

As for Caprica, it was my favorite and I love the story but... It's just not living up to BSG, i don't think anything will.

I'll check out Castle :)

Castle is full of win. Plus, it's got Captain Mal.

Man, I love The Walking Dead. I can't believe the season is over!

I think every show has things I go "uuuuh really?" to but overall that show is AWESOME.

I think Mad Men may be the only show I haven't had annoyances with. I am so in love with that show. I LOVE Jon Hamm. Oh my GOD I want to fall over when he smiles. Or frowns. Or anythings.


Oh wait, SYTYCD isn't fail either.

30 Rock and the Office are comfort go-tos.

And I indulge my drama side with Grey's.

I didn't realize I watch so much TV.

I still think that the biggest problem with SGU is that SG in front. People expect (and apparently need) more hope and humor from their SG. I think that they've made a couple of nods steering in a more hopeful direction, but putting Gin in the Fridge (to use an all too appropriate colloquialism) and the protractedness of Chloe's storyline have been big problems.

Which sucks, 'cause the show is really pretty awesome.

Maybe, though it's definitely part of the stargate mantra, but it's also delving into the psychology a bunch. It's like a cross between SG and BSG.

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