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Josh-D. S. Davis

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Amazon is a beesh sometimes
Josh 201604 KWP
I had Amazon subscribe and save for something as mundane as deodorant.

So, at 6 months, it locks my order. I can't cancel, and I can't hurry it up.

So I wait, and 2 weeks later, I get a ship notice, about a day after it's supposed to arrive.

Then a couple of days later, I get a notice that they're out of stock, and they'll let me know when it ships.

So now it's a couple of biz days later, and still no notice.

I check online, and it's going to ship in June of 2011.


So, apparently, the label of the product has changed, and the old version is no longer available. The new version is $5 more per 6-pack.

No notice, no conversion, nothing. Just, keep waiting.


So now, obviously, 2 weeks after I was antsy, I'm out.

Granted, it's DEODORANT. I can get it anywhere, but the whole situation is bad. If the product becomes unavailable, fracking LET ME KNOW. Don't tell me you'll get some in 7 months. No you won't.

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(Deleted comment)
I was able to cancel it, and placed a different order... and complained...

and then I got a notice that my subscribe and save order had shipped.

So I guess I'll have a whole lot of deodorant soon.

Did you let them know? I once had an issue with a baby wipe delivery and they refunded my order and fixed a bug.

I've always been notified when a product (even Sub&Save) is delayed/changed/etc, so I'm surprised this happened! How frustrating and kind of defeats the purpose of the program being easy/mindless shopping.

I let them know and the guy, instead of looking at my account, said I had to submit a new contact report with the item's seller of record, exact name, and product number.

My S&S order doesn't even show up in my list of orders, but if I modify an order URL to have the order number, it shows it was sent to me.

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