Josh-Daniel S. Davis (joshdavis) wrote,
Josh-Daniel S. Davis

Power's out in our neighborhood.

When I called, CoServ's ACD told me all lines were busy, try again later. Doh. I did, and the auto-system says I'll have power by 3:30pm or so.

Anyway, I got everything shutdown and am running the laptop off of cellphone tether.

I showed Erica how to open the garage door when the power's out.

I remembered we have a gas fireplace that warms the livingroom and the guestroom.

Things I realized I need to do:
A) I need to disable the beeps on our upses.
B) I need to move the cordless base unit downstairs onto a UPS
C) I need to set up network UPS monitoring so both servers can power down automatically.
D) I need a small UPS for the router upstairs.
E) I need to swap the UPSes between Max and Khai's computers (Max's uses more power).
Tags: computers, electricity
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