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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Josh 201604 KWP
From an hour ago or so, so it's a little fuzzy.

Me and some other people were outside. It seemed like maybe a picnic or party or outdoor function.

There was a rumble, and we all looked back to see what looked like a cross between a white fighter-jet and a concorde jet. Very large, single engine, huge stream of black exhaust. It was flying very low, maybe 1000 feet. It continued in a straight line, fairly slowly, and descended into a valley, out to the lake.

There's a blur or a cut or something here, and then I'm fired up and attach to the underside of the jet. I'm able to integrate with enough of the systems that I seem to mold into the underside as if there were a docking port made just for me. This happens right as the jet starts a hard burn and arcs upwards into the sky.

Once we're clear of the atmosphere and the moon (about a minute), a strange sound happens and we accelerate out of the solarsystem. I don't think it's portal travel, rather it seems transdimensional. We're still "in space" and "travelling quickly", so it maps out as hyperspace to me.

In just a little while, we reach the pilot's world, and he lands and parks the jet at his house. We go in, and I'm a bipedal android. It's only slightly annoyed that I came along, but he's tolerant and patient with my questions.

I start asking about differences between our planets. I forget what all was asked, but something involving temperature and a multiple of pi at home was simply 1pi here, which seemed unfathomable. His window had yellow, glowing specks in a grid and I asked about it, saying our windows were silicate based. Theirs are similar to a glucose structure. I didn't really ask more about it.

I asked about the composition of their atmosphere, because ours seemed thicker.

They laughed, because of the translator, and between them, "haha, he said his atmosphere is fat!" They knew what I meant, but I clarified that it seemed more dense.

I was waking up and at this point, the fragments were discongruous. There was a bathroom, with stainless pipes around the shower/toilet stall, but it was a little too small for me to fit into. I don't remember what the outside looke like, but I think it was much more dense, maybe foliage or darker light or something. Not sure. There were visual translations occurring as well.