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Josh-D. S. Davis

Xaminmo / Omnimax / Max Omni / Mad Scientist / Midnight Shadow / Radiation Master

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Dish Network sent me a letter...
Josh 201604 KWP
Dear Valued DISH Network Customer,

We would like to inform you of important changes to your DISH Network programming. Due to changes in the programming packages we offer, the DishHD Absolute programming you subscribe to will no longer be available beginning February 1, 2011.

To ensure that you continue to receive this programming you are enjoying todayplease contact DISK Network directly at 1-800-894-9131 today to discuss alternative programming packages that will meet your needs. DISH Network will try to contact you to make this update.If a programming update is not made before February 1, 2011, DISH Network will automatically transition your account to our popular America's Top 200 programming package along with HD free for life and our HD Platinum package free for the next 12 months.

DISH Network is pleased to offer the most programming package choices in the industry. With a wide variety of packages to choose from, one of our specially trained customer service representatives will help you pick a programming package that meets your needs. You may also visit www.dishnetwork.com/CustomerService/ProgrammingGuides for a full list of package options and available channels.

To help you transition to your new programming package, you'll receive a credit on your account for the next 12 months. You will begin seeing this credit on the next monthly statement following the programming update.

To speak with one of our specially trained customer service representatives about updating your programming, please call 1-800-894-9131. Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer!


DISH Network

My current package is $29.99/mo, plus $4 for local, plus $6 for DVR, plus taxes, amounts to $42/mo.
Their offer is:
* America's 200 lists as $39.99/mo for one year, and $54.99/mo after that.
* HD Free for Life is a $99 upgrade
* HD Platinum free for 12 months (this is the same programming as HD FFL, except it's $10/mo)
* The credit for 12 months is unspecified.

So, I'm being switched to a package with more channels, and discounted costs $10 more than I pay now. After 12 months, I'll pay another $15 more. It's unclear why I'd have HD Plat plus HD FFL, and unclear as to whether I'd have to pay the $99 for the HD Free for Life.

Note that I pay $6/mo for DVR service, and I paid $200 for the DVR, as an upgrade to a DVR I paid $250 for, as an upgrade to a DVR I paid $180 for; however, they show that I don't own this DVR.

Also, my name is JOSHH DAVIS. Not sure how or why there are two H's on the end. Yes, there's an apostrophe, because Hes looks like I wrote "He's". Just like I put my period AFTER the quotes unless the period belongs with the text inside the quotes. THBBT! WAH

Anyway, I guess I should call and see what the dilly-yo is.

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(Deleted comment)
I called and got this info:
HD Free for Life is a free upgrade.
HD Platinum is 21 channels and it's free for 12 months.
The America's Top 200 is discounted $10/mo.
If I pick any other plan manually, I don't get any of the discounts.

I bought an HDTV antenna on Amazon. The TV55 from Terk has good reviews from our area and can be mounted inside, outside, or in the attic, and has a built in pre-amp that's powered by the TV connection. My only gap is that I need to monkey with TVersity to get Hulu back on there without a messy interface.

If it's all good, and I can pull off what's on the DVR now, then we'll probably just drop Dish.

(Deleted comment)
Some of them are on Hulu, but I've not finished mapping my list.

(Deleted comment)
It looks like for some reason, FiOS Local-TV package ($13/mo) includes SyFy HD. Hrmmmmm

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